A Small Crime Committed on Our Anniversary + Happy Balcony!

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it is the day after our anniversary and after my promises shared and my husband sharing what it’s like to be married to moi, it feels pretty much the same, except there was a small crime yesterday (more in a minute).


i had said the night before that if my jet lag would allow it, i really wanted to workout in the morning because it mainly helps me from going insane. when we woke up yesterday, my hubs was super encouraging of me getting a move on to working out and that i should really go for a run or a walk outside “to get some fresh air.”


he said this a few times and asked questions about when i was leaving and how long i’d be gone. initially i was an overly dramatic girl who thought “jeeez! i know i gained some weight from eating all that pad thai in thailand but chill out buddy!”


turns out he just wanted me out of the house to set up a surprise. i came back and he handed me a sweet anniversary card that ended with the question “would you like to have breakfast outside or breakfast in bed?” although it was a little chilly out in the morn, i looooove eating outside so i figured he’d set something up on the ground like our “france date.


instead i found this!

anniversary portland ryan avery

i snapped this when i gave him a card. we usually don’t do presents for our anniversary so i was ultra shocked!


the whole summer we’ve been dragging out our dining room chairs and eating on our laps or the ground since we are lucky enough to have such a fun view of the west hills in portland from our balcony!


apparently he had lugged all this up from the car during our dog’s early morning walk and it was about 20 minutes later before i went out the door to run stumble/walk. i remarked that it was pretty great that no one took anything and left our stuff alone because people are nice here.


he then noticed that he was indeed missing something…a new box of wine glasses for the happy hour he had planned later. some a-hole took them in those 20 minutes he was trying to get me out the door. can you believe it?! i wanted to see if there were any security cameras so we could review the footage or dust for finger prints (nancy drew had a big influence on my upbringing).


instead i suggested he write a note that read something like “hey you jerk! bring me back those wine glasses because my wife has been saying she’s wanted glasses with stems for months AND it’s our anniversary AND she’s PMSing so you better do it.”


instead he wrote this nicer note assuming it could have been an accident and left it at the scene of the crime:

anniversary stolen wine glasses

we may have obsessively checked by that elevator about 5 times yesterday but the person did not return them. booooo.


so i had my drink in a stem-less wine glass and even figured out the self-timer on our camera so watch out world! the sun even came out to celebrate how gorgeous it was 4 years ago in estes park, colorado when we got married.

anniversary relationship blog chelsea and ryan avery portland

our dog sugar is also excited by this new balcony furniture. her excited face looks a lot like a sleepy face.

anniversary portland chelsea avery with sugarwe went out to get burgers last night because we had bad burgers in malaysia (one bite of mine tasted like blood. if i was a vampire i would have been super into that but instead i gagged at the table and tried to convince my husband to try it. he would not.)


after we returned, i looked out on our balcony and my hubs was streaming the lights up from my sister’s wedding! my mom is great and found amazing lights for my sister’s beach wedding and then we got to take a strand home. i am so thankful for memories.


we played cards until about 9:30pm and relished the fact that we can still utilize the table and chairs for at least another month or two before portland turns all rainy again. you will still probably find me bundled up, sitting at the table under the umbrella in the rain come december.

anniversary relationship blog ryan avery lights

all in all, a solid anniversary!


update on our wine glasses!!!!!! we found a note just an hour ago! someone accidentally stole our wine glasses but was nice enough to leave a note and hopefully they are in the leasing office by tonight so i can use them!

anniversary returned wine glassessorry for calling you an a-hole person on our floor. thank you for being a decent human and admitting your mistake and returning them! to be fair, portland is the land of “leave boxes and couches and TVs on the street for free.” i do sometimes jump to the worst conclusion but this will help me check myself so i don’t wreck myself.


1) how do you usually celebrate your anniversary?
2) when is summer over where you live?
3) be honest…where does your mind usually go when something goes wrong? (best, worst or indifferent scenario?)


  1. Marc Gabris

    September 4, 2014 at 5:32 pm

    Great story with a moral lesson : )

    • chelsea

      September 5, 2014 at 10:31 am

      ha yes indeed! lesson learned for sure marc 🙂

  2. Amanda

    September 5, 2014 at 11:04 am

    That’s awesome it actually got returned! And at least it was an honest mistake, thinking it was just up for grabs instead of someone just being a straight-up thief.
    Amanda recently posted…If You Knew Me In High School

    • chelsea

      September 6, 2014 at 2:36 pm

      i agree amanda!! people can be decent and honest and it was good to be reminded of that!

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