manifesto – the new wifestyle

a manifesto

man·i·fes·to [man-uhfes-toh]: (noun, plural man·i·fes·toes.) a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.

the new wifestyle is a mindset and a lifestyle – at its core stands a strong, independent woman.

like most things in the world, there are many areas of gray. there is no specific way to live the new wifestyle but there are a few beliefs that we go to bat for:

we believe that strong women with big dreams make the best partners

we believe in making marriage a priority

we believe that women and men are equally strong, smart and capable

we believe that maintaining a sense of individuality is essential to a relationship

we believe marriage should be a partnership

we believe that outdated gender roles and expectations don’t have to define modern marriages

we believe in choices

we believe in striving to be bold

we believe in communication and sharing our opinions

we believe in respecting ourselves and our partners

we believe in equality for ourselves and others

we believe in loving in the way that works for us

we believe in supporting one another

we believe that love is love and is not defined by gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, political stance or other socially constructed identities

we believe in love

-chelsea avery
founder, the new wifestyle, september 2014