work with me

thank you for your interest in working together! i am very interested in working with people, especially women to feel empowered in themselves, in their relationships and lives as a whole.

before i embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship, i received my master’s of social work from portland state university because i am incredibly passionate about helping people and communities thrive. my life experiences, experiential learning and this degree help to influence and guide the way i work with people.

i’d love to work with you in a variety of ways to help you live the best life you deserve!

the map to dreaming big

i believe that your big dream is possible and you have what you need to attain it but often we aren’t surrounded by the right community or information to get us there. my husband and i have put together a training course with a workbook, live virtual training events from each continent around the world and a community for people who are interested in going after their big dream. we lead by example and share what we have used in the past to win the world championship of public speaking, attempt world records and run successful businesses together. we are also using this formula and information currently as we go after our big dream this year of being the youngest married couple to speak together on all 7 continents!

relationship coaching

i work with a limited number of people to strengthen your relationship with yourself and/or your partner. relationships are incredibly complex but i absolutely believe that you can live in an empowered relationship with yourself and your spouse. it takes hard work, dedication and humor and i want to help you in your journey.

public speaking coaching

i fell into public speaking coaching by coaching my husband in 2012 to become the youngest world champion of public speaking in history! we decided that year to the study, practice and implementation of communication and public speaking. i would love to work with you one-on-one in order to develop your strong message from the heart, speaking with confidence and use your voice to make a difference!

vocal women program

this is a program myself and olivia scholfield put together to build a community of vocal women who want to take their speaking skills to the next level. each live webinar features an incredible guest who shares her insights about public speaking in addition to content delivered by olivia and myself.

keynote speaker or workshop training

interested in me keynoting your conference or providing a workshop? please look at my speaker’s page!

please click the links above for more information and feel free to email me at chelsea (at) and we can chat to see if we’d be a marvelous fit!

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