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my name is chelsea turner avery and welcome to the new wifestyle!

chelsea avery the new wifestyle

what is “the new wifestyle” exactly?

when i first got engaged, i started thinking about the old expectations of being a woman/wife versus being a wife in the 21st century. i searched around and didn’t find many resources or blogs for newlyweds or wives today. the few i did find, focused heavily on religion or still felt like they were in very traditional gender roles – neither of which fit who i am as a woman or wife.

the new wifestyle is about being empowered in who we are as women and as partners. it’s about making choices and not living by expectations. it’s a mindset that we can be strong women living our big dreams while being supportive and loving partners. read the manifesto for more on what we live by.

who is the new wifestyle for?

it’s for women (and even men) who desire more from ourselves, our relationships and the world. it’s for people looking to create a closer connection to their spouse, make their marriage a priority and not lose yourself in the midst of it all. it’s for people who desire more.

my goal for this blog

i want to create a community of strong women who are making conscious choices in their marriage and their lives. my goal for this blog is to create quality content that is tangible, insightful and always with a dash of sass. i share insight into my own path of becoming a strong, independent woman and a loving and supportive wife to my husband, ryan avery. i share the process of transitioning from social worker to entrepreneur, and how my own life has been changed when i started getting on board with my dreams while making my marriage a priority.

i typically post 3 times a week and also want to give a platform to other women to share their own story and insight into living their new wifestyle.

chelsea and ryan avery walking smiling

we live in portland, oregon just moved back to colorado after almost 7 years in the pacific northwest!

in 2015, our big goal was to be the youngest couple to professional speak on all 7 continents (yes including antarctic!) and we did it!

IMG_7687 the map copy USE

in 2016, we welcomed our daughter atlas turner avery to the world! i had a natural birth at a birth center, with my husband catching her! she is by far our greatest adventure.

cassie rosch photography

2017…let’s see how this shakes out.

want to know more about how we meet and ended up on this crazy journey together?

1. when our worlds first collided

2. our first date (when he basically said he wanted a wife and not a girlfriend)

3. our engagement story

4. part one and part two of how we had a less traditional wedding

5. my promises to my husband as we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary

6. 5 things i know for sure after 5 years of marriage


a few more things you should probably know about me:

i feel unbelievably fortunate to have found my life partner early in life.
i love my family more than anything.
i can down an entire box of wheat thins in less than 17 hours.
i am from colorado and miss it terribly – until we moved back!
i have my master’s in social work.
i dislike capitalizing things.
i don’t have a sweet tooth-more like sweet teeth.
i adore tulips.
i am still waiting for my letter from hogwarts.
i hate beans.
i could eat brunch all day long.
i love to travel but the actual act of traveling makes me incredibly anxious (among other things)
i am passionate about social justice work.
i own a business with my husband.
i detest cooking, but love baking.
i have ridden a camel in dubai, egypt and iowa (see evidence of one below).
i firmly believe that a fresh, warm chocolate chip cookie can solve most problems.

About Chelsea 1

in this blog, we (that means you too) will be talking about how to be a good wife in the 21st century and how we can work together to share our stories, resources and thoughts to improve marriages and relationships. after all, the new wifestyle is about choices and not outdated expectations.

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