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How Anxiety Is Affecting My Marriage

candid insight into how anxiety personally affects my marriage as well as ways to try to get a hold of it. it’s no longer just my battle…

how anxiety is affecting my marriage

 How to Improve Your Relationship with Your In-Laws

the relationship you have with your in-laws is certainly a unique one. before launching into this, it’s important for you and your spouse to establish that you are now creating your own family unit but still want to improve or enhance your relationship with your new family members!

How to improve your relationship with your in-laws

Why You Should Visit A Nude Beach At Least Once

i feel like the response to why you should visit a nude beach will either be met with “omg YES! it’s an amazing thing to do” or “omg NO! are you insane?!” and you pull your sweater a little closer.

hear me out.

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 “Should A Couple Rent A Two-Person Canoe?

when i asked my grandparents, who have been married 59 years, some of their secrets to a happy marriage, without hesitation they said “never rent a two-person kayak!”

echofina creek pcb ryan and chelsea avery

 “Promises to My Husband on Our 4th Anniversary

what i vow of myself and my part in our marriage for our 4th anniversary!

chelsea and ryan avery wedding anniversary

 “The Making of Harry Potter – Behind-The-Scenes in the London!

are you obsessed with harry potter or simply curious as to how some of the scenes and characters worked in the movies? this post is for you! i had the unique opportunity to visit the warner bros. studio in london (where i spent 5 hours) delving deep into this magical world!

chelsea avery harry potter

 “Should I be Worried if My Spouse Asks for Space?

what is really going when your spouse asks for space and why it may have nothing to do with you.

Should I Be Worried if My Husband Asks

 “Is My Biological Clock Broken?

could your biological clock be broken because you may not have that ‘i must be a mother NOW’ feeling? see an interesting discussion between women and their varying responses to having a ‘biological clock!’

Is My BiologicalClock Broken-

 “My War With Anxiety and How It’s Effecting My Marriage

i share a deeply personally post about m y struggle with anxiety and how it now only effects me but also my marriage.


 “The Foundation of a Solid Relationship

 find out how we met, how we spent the first 7 months of our relationship apart and why the habits you form in the beginning of your relationship matters.

the foundation of a relationship

 “Married…AND still an Individual

the importance of maintaining your own identity and why you should not do every thing together.

blog for newlywed scuba diving chelsea avery snorkeling

4 Ways to Fall Asleep More in LOVE!

the four questions we ask each every single night before we fall asleep. find out how it transformed our relationship and stop rolling your eyes and try it.

4 ways to fall in love

  “How to Talk About Money with Your Significant Other

5 ways to start the conversation about money in your relationship and why not talking about money can damage and even end your relationship.

talking about money

 “What it’s like Being Married to a World Champion

read about my experience not only being married to a world champion but coaching him to reach that status.

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  “Advice for a Great Marriage

read advice people from all walks of life gave us in order to have a healthy and happy marriage. advice came from strangers on a plane, people in bars, close friends and family as well as one man that has been married 8 times and owns an alligator.

marriage advice