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as women, we run companies, provide for our families and get things done! we have had the right to vote since 1920, we make up 50% of the population, we invent, we cure, we save, we design, we feel, we contribute and we are capable! however, not all women get the same amount of respect, opportunity or privileges; reasons include unconscious self-infliction and the habits of the society we live in. i am on a mission to fix that!

how to take good head shots

my name is chelsea avery and i provide workshops, keynotes and resources to women who want to excel in both business and in life! in 2013 i founded this online community called the new wifestyle (read the manifesto) reaching 15,000+ readers each month, as well as empowering women to use their voice to make a difference through my monthly webinar program, vocal womeni am a social worker turned entrepreneur, which gives me the unique ability to understand, connect and synthesize information in a compassionate and authentic way.

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teaching a workshop to 150+ leaders in china

i have had the privilege of traveling the world to deliver my message to a variety of audiences. with me as his coach, my husband won the world championship of public speaking in 2012 and our lives changed forever. since then we have founded multiple businesses together and traveled extensively while helping others accomplish their big dreams. i have spoken professionally on every continent and want to continue this mission to empower women everywhere!

as you look for a speaker who will inspire audience members and share tangible strategies that will both educate and entertain, i would be happy to work with you to make that happen! below you will find my current keynote description information, along with my contact information and brief biography. i look forward to answering additional questions or collaborating on a custom program to make your event a powerful one!

chelsea avery and ryan avery australia

keynoting with my husband in western australia

main keynote

Defining YOUR All – Inverting the Meaning of ‘Having It All!’ 


  • defining the things you deeply desire and how you can get them
  • identifying the core values that shape your life
  • understanding how you can turn your ideas into reality
  • tools to create harmony in you work/life/love/personal priorities
  • strategies to get ahead in a world that seems unfair for women at times

i can also tailor trainings, workshops and keynotes to meet the needs of your audience and objectives.

topics in which i am well-versed and passionate include relationships, entrepreneurship, women in business, working with your spouse, public speaking, travel, postpartum depression, goal setting, mindset shifting and living an empowered life!


chelsea avery, founder of the new wifestyle // it’s about choices not expectations // @TheNewWifestyle // phone number upon request


Chelsea Avery, MSW is an international speaker, writer and the founder of The New Wifestyle, an online community empowering women, our relationships and the lives we lead. She is especially passionate about reinvigorating relationships to be a partnership between two people who are making conscious choices and not living in outdated expectations. She resides in the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado with her dreamy husband Ryan, amazing daughter Atlas and believes a warm chocolate chip cookie can solve most problems, at least temporarily.