I’m Not A Morning Person…but the Pool is WORTH It!

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it is so fantastic to have my hubs back, even if he only spent about 18 hours in portland before we woke up at 3:13am this morning for our 5am flight to palm springs, CA (after 10 days he will have been in 12 flights-so crazy!) i also tend to be a littttttle cranky this early in the morning.

20140501-092259.jpglook at all my little gray hairs that are emerging to try and become one with the sun!

i am not a morning person and i am especially not a 3:13am person but alas i got my booty out of bed, ate a few wheat thins and then RAN INTO OUR FRIEND PHILIP AT THE AIRPORT!

20140501-093648.jpgthat was the highlight of my morning. more excitement (but still not too much because my brain wasn’t awake) when we found out we were all on the same flight to phoenix for our first leg of the trip!

as we met back up at the gate, philip saw i was holding holding two bags from starbucks and a drink. he said “did you grab some bagels for breakfast” to which i replied “oh no, these are ALL for ravery!” and they were.

20140501-093607.jpgit’s ravery’s birthday eve today so he’s allowed to do whatever he wants (within limits of course. he’s still not allowed to touch my face with airport hands).

trust me when i tell you the sunrise this morning was amazing over oregon…sorry lady who i practically sat on for a solid 15 minutes while trying to capture the intense colors. and also thank you to her for letting me do the sudoku in her magazine so we could race since mine was already done.

20140501-093618.jpgwe had some pretty intense giggle fits on the plane, which i am sure the very hipster couple next to us did not appreciate. i could tell by the way they glared at us through their judging eyes and beard.

this may have started after we decided to pass philip a note after i stated “i wish we could touch philip (this is delirium and not creepiness too much). that lucky guy was in an exit row-volunteering to save our lives should something happen. it’s dark because it’s 5:30am.

20140501-093636.jpgwe have officially just landed in palm springs for a full weekend but we are lucky enough to get a few hours today to work (and probably lounge/nap/day drink/more giggle fits) by the pool! woohoo!

here’s what i have to work with folks. i think it should be a very good day.

the new wifestyle palm springs

the new wifestyle: even if the way you initially start your day isn’t great, the rest of it doesn’t have to stay that way!

1) are you a morning person?
2) where’s an unexpected place where you found someone you knew?
3) favorite part about spring…go!



  1. Claire

    May 1, 2014 at 12:08 pm

    I’m super jealous of your day drinking plans
    1. I didn’t used to be, then I moved out of the city and embraced the faster commute time that the crack of dawn offers.
    2. My study abroad school featured not one, but two people I knew. One was in my WLC group 5 years prior, and the other is my bff’s cousin.
    3. Sandals!

    • chelsea

      May 8, 2014 at 10:20 pm

      heeeey my comment never went through to you from my phone claire!! “how rude” (said in stephanie tanner’s voice)! day drinking was cut short because i almost passed out (truly) from lack of sleep. very good call on the wake up to beat the traffic-smart lady you are! i hope you are rocking your sandals 🙂 still cannot believe you find 2 people in your study abroad program from WLC-you’re pretty cool.

  2. Heather Hawkins

    May 1, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    1) Nope. Not at all. I get loud and grumpy. Grumpy loud.
    2) I only see people I know when I look crazy or sound crazy. So I just assume if I’m saying something crazy sounding (when its not) or cutting someone off in traffic accidentally, that I know them and they think I hate them when I don’t.
    3) NO FAVOURITE PARTS! I like autumn. I don’t like spring. Pollen makes things pretty and makes things grow but makes me wanna punch things.

    • chelsea

      May 2, 2014 at 12:55 pm

      ohhh grumpy loud is the worst! hahah love your analysis heather of when you see people you know-had that happen before! hope your allergies get better!

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