Light at the End of the Tunnel for 50-Day Challengers!

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it’s time for another pep talk for us 50-day challengers! want to see what all 66 people are doing? check out the full list HERE-it’s quite impressive.

in exactly 2 weeks from today…it will be 51 days since our challenge which means it’s officially over! we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

relationship blog light at the end of the tunnelhopefully you will have broken some bad habits (like drinking way too much diet coke or watching too much TV) and hopefully you’ve created some new habits (like drinking so much water you have to pee every hour or a new appreciation for reading and writing every day).

regardless, i want us to finish STRONG.

i woke up extra sassy today (you can ask my husband-when he asked me how i wanted my eggs this morning, i responded with ‘unfertilized’). here’s my encouragement to you with regards to where you are at in your challenge…

read this if you’re right on track with your 50 day challenge:

congratulations! keep doing what you’re doing and continue proving to yourself and the world that you are capable of anything for 50 days. if i could, i would shake your hand very seriously like the president and congratulate you so please accept this virtual *handshake* (now everyone is clapping for you).

read this if you need a little tough love to stay on track for the next two weeks:

you got this! maybe you faltered a bit or got off track but you made a commitment to do something to stretch yourself for 50 days so step it up! acknowledge that you’ve slipped up but there are still 13 days left to finish strong. nobody said it’d be easy only that it’d be worth it but you have to do the work. you are stronger than you believe and you set a goal so finish it. instead of a handshake, i would slap your booty like a coach that means business and tell you to ‘get out there and give it your all!’

let’s continue to support one another and leave some words of encouragement at the end of blog to get us through these next 2 weeks!

ps. if after receiving this candy bar from my grandparents all the way from peru withΒ my mouth watering and my hormones raging for chocolate and i still don’t eat it….you can do THIS

relationship blog chocolate from machu picchuleave some words of encouragement down below for all us to benefit from! oh and start planning how you’re going to celebrate (i’m probably going to eat that whole bar of chocolate and wash it down with a cookie)!


  1. John

    April 1, 2014 at 11:18 am

    (first the results for us ALL to celebrate, then some Realy encouraging words for you all….) Success!! AND it all came Easy, Fast, and FUN! (in just the past few days!) That is right. My original intention was to increase income by $5,000 / mo. Now it is Done! AND a LOT more (and in ways I would not have imagined at the start – wow!).

    First, a new Focus with my favorite client in the World (you know who you are…) has brought us to the point where we will BOTH be serving and earning More. Second, a voluntary effort I was passionate about in the past (and sadly let go of after a move) led a team to contact me ‘from out of the blue’ for help on a project I LOVE – and they want to pay me to direct the project and re-engage the team (in TX) from the edge of a lake hidden in the woods of PA! (how Cool is that!). AND yesterday I got a call from an investor I know who is all excited about a project he wants to start. He is putting up all the funds and has asked me to help organize and build a team to implement the project. AND I suspect there is more on the way.. All with projects or people close to my heart, all delivered easily – some right out of the depths of what seemed like BAD news, and all with ease and grace. (the same ease and grace that brought Debra and I to a lovely place on 365 acres on the edge of a lake with a big workshop – better than we imagined).

    OH! and I nearly forgot – this evening another client (the ones that own the wonderful place I live) is considering an inspired proposal I dashed off (well … I let it flow) to help them start a project that will set them financially FREE by building a little business in the forest (I bumped into the idea of Non Timber Forest Products for them and the President wants to kick off an effort that will serve the group into perpetuity (yep, FOREVER) since these lands will NEVER be sold- again, how Cool! AND I ALREADY have a team for that!) Can you imagine work that requires you to peacefully wander the woods and water?? That is part of this life now.

    I know that YOU (dear, dear reader) can and WILL reach your heartfelt intentions. I know that it can be Easier, Faster, and More FUN! than you may currently believe. Focus on and Celebrate every little thing that is even close to working (ignoring ALL the rest), look for odd little coincidences, follow your inspiration – ACT quickly on your inspiration, and Have FUN!

    Don’t wait to celebrate!! You deserve it now, right NOW! Celebrate the moment, the air, the greatness all around you in every moment! Dance, laugh, and sing! Write, Speak, Imagine, Play! Just BE the wonderful you that you already are.

    The rest will come.

    Love to all!


    • chelsea

      April 1, 2014 at 9:00 pm

      wow john-thanks for your super duper words of encouragement to all of us! so happy to hear your challenge is taking off and you are over your $5,000 a month! so pumped about your new (and paying) project to help out in TX.

      you sure are a do-er and because i personally know how awesome you are at organizing teams and making things happen-WOOHOOO!

      i am reading and responding at night and it’s reenergizing me to accomplish more before i sleep-hot dang! thanks john πŸ™‚

  2. Marc Gabris

    April 1, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Wow way to go avoiding eating that chocolate bar! That definitely deserves a low and a high five!

    • chelsea

      April 1, 2014 at 8:57 pm

      haaaa! thanks marc! i will take those low and high fives and keep giving them until april 14 at midnight πŸ™‚ hope your challenge is going well!

  3. TK

    April 1, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    Great words of encouragement and stories of how things are going well. I am continuing strong on 2 of my 3. Have made progress on the 3rd, which is good. It’s possible!

    • chelsea

      April 2, 2014 at 6:19 pm

      woohoo TK! keep up the great work and glad there is progress made on your third goal as well! you got this πŸ™‚