Learning Lessons from a Boat in Miami!

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we had such a fantastic day yesterday in miami! with much thanks to our new friend Samantha, she invited us on her friend’s boat to spend the day on the water. right as we got to the boat, i proceeded to drop our only baguette in the salty sea water. what a fool- that was embarrassing. we also sang this song no less than 7 times yesterday (you’re welcome for finding the edited version for your listening pleasure).

my husband had high hopes of being able to scuba dive Neptune Memorial Reef, which is a human-made reef that now plays host to a ton of sea life as well as a memorial for loved ones lost as a place to rest their ashes and then families are able visit them there. isn’t that a neat idea? check out that website for more information because it’s a unique concept.

he unfortunately did not go the chance to scuba dive there because the ocean was incredibly rough yesterday. here’s a picture of me being stupid and SITTING while the boat was hitting waves and dropping like 4 feet (yes i’m protecting the brownies). since we were on a catamaran, those ride the waves differently and he said lots of people who don’t normally get seasick experience on that boat so count. me. out. no thank you.

wife blog chelsea avery boatmoments after this picture was taken, we hit a huge wave and dropped hard and something in my back cracked. it was quite painful and i was very proud of myself for now crying. here’s a little lesson folks-if you are on a boat and there are rough waters, do not sit down but rather stand up and have your legs absorb the impact. my back is still aching today. stupid stupid stupid.

instead our captain Jim decided to take us on our tour of Miami Beach. we got to pass by the Vizcaya House. this was the winter residence of James Deering and was built between 1914-1922.

blogs for wives chelsea avery and ryan avery travel miamiwhat’s so neat about it was that it contained all the newest technologies of the day, including generators, a water filtration system, heating and ventilation, two elevators, a dumbwaiter, a central vacuum-cleaning system and a partly automated laundry room. very cool to see from the boat. apparently it’s a museum and has beautiful gardens so go check it out from land.

blogs for wives oldest house in miamiJim took us to a cove where the water was a calmer and we had a great view of Miami as well as sunken boat. this was definitely more my style because i was getting nervous i wouldn’t be able to enjoy those brownies and be spilling my wine on those rough waters. lesson: go with someone who is an experienced boater and knows all the right spots!

blogs for wives chelsea and ryan avery miami beachwe spent hours floating, eating and drinking. this was probably one of my favorite mondays. Samantha, who is originally from France came with so much delicious food. she even made those brownies! i was in food heaven. Jim has a BBQ on the boat (please reference the video posted above for another time when we sang that song) so we grilled some delicious food and ate ourselves full with bread, cheese and that delicious sangria in the jug.

blogs for wives snacks for on a boathere’s the amazing Samantha herself! i hope you are envious of both of our hairstyles. it took us hours to get that frizzy, wind-blown look. also, don’t even think about taking my cup because it has my name on it.

blogs for wives chelsea avery and samantha miami beachRavery spent some time feeding seagulls and one eventually pulled bread out of his hand! it was crazy. they kept asking me if i wanted to try it…no thank you. i prefer to keep delicious bread for myself and i sort of despise birds. my husband was really into it though!

blogs for wives feeding birds miami beach travelwe sat and watched the sunset from one of the most peaceful places i’ve been in a long time.

blogs for wives sunset over miami beach blogs for wives photo of miami from the water at nightJim took us the long way home, where we docked and had a drink then circled through the bright lights of Miami, Florida. i kept waiting to run into Pitbull (Mr. 503) but i must report…there were no sightings of him. we did however see this massive electronic stripper type woman being depicted through lights on a building. this was exactly what i had stereotyped in my brain when i think of “Miami.” glad it could be confirmed.

blogs for wives woman dancing on buildingwe bid adieu to Captain Jim and Samantha selected a tasty restaurant for a late night dinner at Casablanca Seafood. my husband had what he said to be delicious salmon-i’m not a seafood eater (i have the palette of a 6 year old). i had a salad that basically had an entire avocado on it and i wasn’t too hungry because i may have had half a pan of brownies on the boat. if you like seafood, this is the place to go and it sits right on the river so it was a fun atmosphere!

blogs for wives travel miami beach ryan and chelsea averyMerci beacoup Samantha (that’s basically all the french i remember from high school) and Jim for a fantastic day out on the water! one thing i really love about being on this North American Tour is that we get to meet some truly quality and fun people along the way and that makes me happy. despite my back still aching from my stupidity yesterday, the calm feeling is still within me and for that i am so appreciative.

the new wifestyle: never pass up the opportunity to explore a city by water and appreciate the people that go out of their way to give you a great experience!

1) do you get seasick?
2) how do you feel about birds? any strong feelings?
3) do you like seafood? favorite type? (i do like halibut cheeks, i know that!)


  1. Nick

    November 12, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    1) Not that I’ve experienced, Quite like boats. Though I have been known to get car sick
    2) Like them to an extent, but it depends on the size and look.
    3) Love it if its raw. Give me some sashimi any day. Cooked fish however im rather weird over.

    • chelsea

      November 12, 2013 at 4:32 pm

      ohhh that’s good! i like to see who i can potentially get on a boat with or not 🙂 my sister gets pretty bad car sickness and i always feel so bad for her. ahhh raw fish is what you’re all about?! you can have my share nick!

  2. Mary Adkinson

    November 12, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    aaww…don’t beat yourself up Chelsea. You learned something, right? Just proves you’re human.

    • chelsea

      November 12, 2013 at 4:33 pm

      ha! thanks Mary! i certainly did learn something and am having constant reminders throughout the day about what i learned. human check complete!

  3. Heather Hawkins

    November 12, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    1) Only when I am sitting perfectly still and something on a screen or out the window is moving.
    2) I am terrified of birds! And when I get frightened I laugh like a crazy person. So one day a bird flew into my school, everyone else moved away from it. I couldn’t. I just stood still because I was too terrified to move and laughed maniacally at it. It didn’t help with my “I’m not crazy’ argument. BUT, kookaburras so cute. They look like fat, short, grumpy old men. And they laugh back at me!
    3) I love SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!

    • chelsea

      November 12, 2013 at 5:09 pm

      ohhh SO true! i totally forgot i felt seasick when i saw the movie “life of pie” ew. haha thank you for painting an excellent visual with you laughing like a maniac at the bird that got in. i will need to check out kookaburras…maybe they will change my mind about birds! you and your husband liking raw fish….craziness! maybe my husband can be the third wheel with you all while i eat pb&j 🙂

  4. Emily

    November 12, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    No not really
    Birds are fine as long as they are not after me
    I only like shrimp and lobster.

    • chelsea

      November 13, 2013 at 12:51 pm

      haha these birds would have definitely been after you if you had bread in your hands!! i hear lobster is pretty tasty. and i love that it always come with melted butter so maybe i should give that a shot!