Welcome to Miami!

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whew talk about a crazy and quick weekend! we were guests at the District 47 Fall conference (along with President-Elect of Toastmasters, Mohammed Murad) and this is definitely a district that knows how to have fun. thank you to everyone who made us feel welcomed-we had a great time! (pictured below are some of the leadership of the district and solid folks).

IMG_2821after some appetizers with this group, we met up with our friends from The Bahamas for Cuban food! you may or may not remember our fantastic trip earlier this year to visit the islands where we met some hilarious and high quality people. they also tried to get us to eat fish heads but i couldn’t do it.

fish headsometimes it’s hard to eat with these women because of the constant laughter and the threat of food coming out of your nose, but i managed to get those fried plantains down-yum!

IMG_2824we made it to Miami and get to spend the day on a boat (please send good vibes for the wind to die down and the sun to come out so i’m not a seasick pasty person). i’m so excited! we have been going nonstop for the past week so i’m excited to just sit on a boat and soak up the sun!

IMG_2823also, thank you to all the service women and men who have served and continue to serve our country. you are appreciated.

the new wifestyle: so important to take some down time so you don’t burn out!

1) when is the last time you’ve been on a boat?
2) strangest thing you’ve eaten?
3) what are you up to today?