Earth Day=Day off, Cookies, and Practicing being 83 years old

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yay it’s earth day today-even though earth day should really be every day. i am doing my part to leave the earth a little better than i found it by picking up any piece of trash i see today (unless its a band-aid or something too gross it makes me gag). i’m probably also going to save some water by not showering today either…if you see me, don’t hug me.

after writing this, i plan to take the day off! i have spent the last few days mailing out 500+books along with my dad (and he’s so nice and doing another 200 that we left behind in colorado) after the guinness world record first attempt.

mailingmy mom also spent a solid 2 hours with me at the post office mailing out the international books and holy smokes that was crazy. we had very well deserved margaritas later that evening.

chelsea avery and momif you haven’t read my husband’s post about why we need to take risks, check it HERE. totally made me cry and feel immensely proud of him! it was so good to be home for a few days even if it was super crazy and my puppy passed away. sometimes you just need your parents to hug you.

i posted this on instagram (if we aren’t friends…let’s be @the_new_wifestyle) look who i got to sit next to on the plane! it was southwest so i could pick my seat and it was crazy to me that the plane was over 3/4 full when i got on and no one wanted the bulkhead and to sit next to the service dog abigail!

she was so good and sweet and i loved on her a lot (although i didn’t share my wheat thins with her because we have to be pretty close friends in order for me to do that…but i gave her a different cracker).

dog on a planewe were invited over to the harvey household for their easter meal (randy is the 2004 world champion of public speaking, my husband’s mentor and now our pseudo family in oregon!) it was so good to see them, eat delicious food and of course get some loving on baby daphne! she had a little leather jacket on earlier and i almost couldn’t bear to look at it because it was too cute.

seeing my husband hold a baby does weird things to my hormones. if it were up to him, we’d probably have 5 kids by now. someday…but not TOday.

ryan avery with baby and now i’m probably going to crawl back in bed, watch hours of trashy TV, go pick up literal trash and eat a cookie. that seems like a legit ‘day off’ to me! and maybe fill my craft needs with my new cross-stitch because i’m practicing being 83 years old.

oh and eat this again for lunch because apparently my husband can make real life sweet potato fries now (he’s always been able to make scrumptious burgers):

sweet potato fries and burgerhope you have a happy earth day and do a little something to give mother nature some extra love today!

the new wifestyle: balance and recharging is vital to being a sane person and partner.

1) earth day…how are you going to help the earth today?
2) fan of sweet potato fries? (they scared me until about 4 years ago…now love ’em)
3) when you see a baby, do you have to hold her/him?


  1. John

    April 22, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    1) Help the earth: Learned ALL about Spiders this morning (Yep, Deb found a GIANT Wolf Spider in the sink early – too early – this morning. She was under some level of control but let me know the situation demanded my attention, with emphasis). We learned that the wonderful Wolf Spider is a BIG help around the place and not nearly as dangerous as we thought – still not to be allowed in bathrooms and bedrooms I am told. So, My bit today is to let you know that the ‘spiders are our friends’.
    2) Sweet potato fries? – Yep – ‘gooder than good’! AND better than mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar bubbling hot on top – right?
    3) Babies and small kids RULE! – especially those of the grandchild variety!

    • chelsea

      April 23, 2014 at 5:25 pm

      ewww YUCK-wolf spiders are terrifying but glad they are relatively harmless (but still agreed-no where allowed in the house). i like my sweet potatoes savory so i’d rather have them in fry form than with marshmallows (but i’d probaby still eat that). aww yay grandbabies 🙂 thanks for your comment john!