An Intense Week to Say the Least

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first off, thank you to every single person who purchased a copy of my husband’s book “speaker leader champion” AND to those who also helped us spread the word! we feel so thankful to have the love, support and encouragement of so many people! unfortunately not 5,000 books were sold so he could not sign them all but we are so appreciative of the support from everyone! it’s truly incredible the people we have surrounding us.

also please note that we had volunteers helping package the books up so ryan will be more than happy to personalize your copy when he sees you next but keeping track of 1200+copies and getting them ready to ship wasn’t feasible with all the other things going on. thanks for understanding!

an accurate photo was taken of me literally and figuratively ‘handling’ my husband was taken and featured in the coloradoan. that’s my cute (and highly organized, incredible volunteer and witness wrangler) mama in the yellow!

chelsea and ryan avery attempting record breakingi am so proud of my husband for not only dreaming big but DOING big things. it’s so true that we are often afraid to set our sights too high in fear that we may not achieve them, but how much worse is it to set them so low just so we can safely accomplish them? i feel so thankful to be married to such a fearless, positive, and hardworking man.

changing topics…i’ve been a little quiet on the blog and social media this week because my childhood puppy, toby, passed away on tuesday. he was 14 and my heartaches terribly but i unfortunately had to compartmentalize this because it was the day before the record attempt so my grieving process is slowly starting and incredibly painful.

thank you to all who called, texted, and posted on the photo of us together on facebook. i really appreciate your kind words and keeping me in your thoughts. he was such a good dog and i feel thankful that i got to love on him one last time before he left this earth. please also keep my dad and sister in your thoughts as well.

chelsea avery and tobynow i get to spend the weekend with my family and enjoy the colorado sunshine.

colorado mountainsthank you again to everyone who has supported us in ryan’s attempt to break the world record and there is already talk of next steps of continuing doing big things 🙂

enjoy your weekend, hug your pets, tell your family you love them and appreciate the life you’ve been given.


  1. Joyce Feustel

    April 18, 2014 at 5:49 pm

    It was so special to see you, Ryan and your mom at the book signing at the CSU bookstore on Wednesday, Chelsea. My heart sure does go out to you as you grieve the loss of your dead pet Toby. I know from experience how emotionally wrenching it is to lose these members of our family.

    • chelsea

      April 20, 2014 at 8:18 pm

      it was so fantastic to see you joyce! thanks so much for coming up in person and for supporting and encouraging us along the way. thanks for your condolences for my puppy who has passed on.