…and We Are Off to Colorado!

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i am sitting waiting for my flight from portland to denver and we just experienced our first official TSA-Pre at the portland airport and it was ahhhmazing!

TSA-pre means you can keep your shoes on, your laptop in your bag, your coat on, liquids in your carry-on and essentially skip the whole stinking line. i’m not kidding when i say it took us truly less than 90 seconds to get our IDs checked, through security and onto to finding me food. it’s $85 and lasts for 5 years! best investment.

my husband was happier than a kid on christmas morning!

ryan avery TSA-pre portland oregonit’s also a darn good thing we are flying southwest for this trip because we definitely just checked 4 bags for free. love their 2 bags fly free deal. one of those suitcases contains 300 mail bubble envelops for sending books all of the country and the word (we have another 2,000 ordered in colorado). and yes, those are our trusty PB&J sandwiches on the paper. my husband had to carry them because i already took 3 bites while i was making them.

travel colorado suitcasescheck out this sunrise on our way to the airport…spectacular.

travel colorado portland sunrisewe’ve been working ferociously (i know i’m dramatic but that is the appropriate word) these past few weeks to prepare for the WORLD RECORD so if you haven’t signed up already, here’s your chance!

Eventbrite - World Record for Largest book Signing in History

or if you hate pre-registering for things…please put the date of this wednesday april 16 in your calendar so you can participate at www.csuworldrecord.com to break a guinness world record, raise money for 1st generation students and receive my husband’s book about speaking, communication and leadership! winnnning!

it’s also our last day of the 50 day challenge so all you challengers-FINISH STRONG! i may set my alarm to wake up at midnight and eat hot fudge. my possibilities

become endless at that time.

and because my adrenaline is going crazy and i’m all over the place (between my chai latte and the excitement of seeing friends, family and breaking a world record)…here’s a picture i snapped in seattle yesterday of mt. rainier! we were there for ravery’s book signing with the fabulous district 2! glorious day.

mt st helensokay, i have to go take my place in the southwest line-up to board the plane (and best believe i sneak a peek at the person’s ticket behind and in front of me to ensure he or she is in the correct line up).

happy monday!

the new wifestyle: even though life can feel crazy at times, stop and appreciate your surroundings and what you are doing!

1) highlight of your weekend?
2) are you participating in the breaking the world record with us on april 16!?!! (come see us in ft. collins OR you can order from annnywhere in the world)!
3) what are you appreciative of today?


  1. Heather Hawkins

    April 14, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    1) Going home to Australia!
    2) I will definitely do that!
    3) I remembered how to use my husbands media server interface even though it involves three remotes. I felt pretty proud of myself, lol. Had to get the kiddo some shows so I could vague out.

    • chelsea

      April 14, 2014 at 7:33 pm

      yaaaay you made it back home heather!!! hip hip hooray hope the plane travel went okay! thanks for participating in the word record- you rock!! well done on figuring out that complicated sounding technology and glad you got it to work for your cutie 🙂