50 Day Challengers: Passed The “21 Day Habit” Point!

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have you ever heard that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit? according to a seemingly credible source, (apparently ‘anyone’ can just post on the internet nowadays) it reads the primary “withdrawal is about 14 days…Easier said then done for most, but if one breaches this critical gap, within an additional 14 days (28 days from start), the majority of the work would already have been done. By the 45-56 day mark, your cells would have been deemphasized for a particular neuropeptide requirement and emotionally, one would not feel the same level of attraction to the unwanted behaviors/habits.” 

there, of course, is debate and multiple factors in this 21 day habit thing so just to make sure…let’s continue for our full 50 days because whether you like it or not…things are happening in your brain and making your life better! or we could stretch it to 56 just to make sure?

(i’m totally kidding. i already have my entire day planned-it will include many cookies as my husband breaks a guinness world record-SIGN UP NOW TO BE A PART OF IT).

we are on DAY 23 of our 50 day challenge and on thursday, march 20 you will be officially half way through your challenge but i think the hardest part is over! you’ve already proven you can make it this far. i think it’s super impressive to celebrate each and every day we challenge ourselves to better ourselves so pat yourself on your back!

blogs for wives 50 day challenge waterfrontfind your name here and take a look at other people’s goals to see what people are accomplishing near and far. i know for a fact most of you are totally and completely rockin’ it and a few people have struggled to stick to what they set out to accomplish. if that is the case, get back on track and start immediately. yeah yeah…you can come up with 37.5 excuses but if you really want to challenge yourself and accomplish your goal-step. it. UP!

blogs for wives mark twain quotesome of you are working out more, some of you are drinking more water, some of you gave up sugary sweets and white flower flour, or doing 50 burpees before breakfast or eating dinner with your significant other every single night or writing or reading or decluttering or…

be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished so far. it’s been more than 3 weeks and many of you are truly doing things that challenge your very being.

and because you know i love random things…if your challenge was to create the smallest park in the world-you better get cracking! it actually exists in portland, oregon (if you’ve seen ‘portlandia’ just know it’s highly accurate) and we stopped by it yesterday because there was gold in it.

blogs for wives ryan and chelsea avery smallest parkoh, does it look like we are sitting in the middle of traffic? we are. that’s probably what turned my hair grey and that’s what i look like with no make-up on (i know…the same but with less prominent eyelashes).

it lives in the middle of the road.

blogs for wives smallest park in the world

leave a comment to:
1) encourage others to continue on
2) say what you are most proud of
3) way where you might have been tempted to get off track

ps. a few people used our “discussion place” for about the first week so if you think that might help you-be a leader a post a comment! don’t be scuuured- we are all in this together.

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  1. carlenlloyd

    March 22, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    Well Chelsea, first and foremost- it was a great pleasure to meet you and Ryan both at the mixer this last week! Secondly- sadly to say, I’ve not been on top of the 50 Day Challenge this last week as I had some minor health issues but I’m coming around. The hardest struggle, I think, for anyone, is that when a person gets knocked down, it’s kinda hard to get back up again. But that’s what I love about every day being new! 🙂