#31DaysofKindness is Happening Now-Join Us!

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as you may have noticed if we are buddies on other venues of social media…my husband started something called “31 days of kindness” and it’s taking off! he came up with the idea last week, i helped him brainstorm a few ideas and it’s been amazing to see what people are doing with it!  be sure to hashtag #31DaysofKindness on your facebook, twitter, instagram or link up with me so we can keep track of all of the kindness being spread around us!

i realize i should have talked about it on my blog earlier (duh) but i was so excited about sharing some non-traditional ideas for weddings so here i am….inviting you to join us on day 4! better late than never, eh?

to catch with us…you could also easily do the first three days worth of kind things today!

day 1: write a hand-written ‘thank you’ letter to someone

31 days of kindness challenge wife blog

day 2: pick up a piece of trash

we live downtown so there is always a ton of trash to pick up and sometimes wrapped candy bars but my husband says i’m still not allowed to eat those. something about “germs” and “what are you, 4 years old?!”

ryan avery 31 days of kindess

day 3: buy a cup of coffee/tea/drink for someone

i bought our new payroll guy a coffee but didn’t want to scare him off by asking to take a selfie with him (that’s for the next meeting) so instead here’s a picture of mine. don’t worry, i support local-portland-hipster-coffee places 83% of the other times but when you get a sbux gift card…you put it on your gold card from 2010 when it still was worth having and YOU USE IT.31 days of kindness challenge wife blog

day 4 (today): pass along an article to a friend who could benefit from it

i’ve decided to go old school with this one so while most people are sharing articles on facebook (which is excellent) i’m opting to send this article snail mail! my good friend dr. phil has some insightful things to say.

dr phil 31 days of kindness

here’s the full list and a link right HERE if you so desire to download and print it! if you want more details around what these days entail, you can read ravery’s more detailed breakdown of it right here.

31 days of kindnesswhile random acts of kindness are amazing and should be practiced often, there is something unique and fun about all of us doing the same thing on the same day and watching it spread in our own community of the same acts.

some of these may require you to stretch yourself-i am feeling some anxiety around introducing myself to a stranger and complimenting a stranger. as you can tell…i have some stranger-danger stressors but i know i will feel even more accomplished after doing so.

start your friday off right and join us if you haven’t already! if so…i will continue scouring the internet searching for your hashtag and admiring how awesome you are.

the new wifestyle: being kind with words and actions is a very powerful thing

1) are you doing the #31DaysofKindness with us??
2) are you a coffee drinker? how do you take it? (i always have more cream and sugar than coffee)
3) what was the last kind thing someone did for you?