“You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!”- Visiting ‘A Christmas Story’ HOUSE!

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it feels like we’ve been in the car for daaaaays…oh wait, we have. i was reunited with my handsome husband a few days ago in Buffalo, NY when we walked out to find our rental car buried in snow.

snowy buffalo stormi quite literally had to dig with my hands to remove the foot of snow from behind the car so we didn’t high-center brrrr. we drove about 40 miles in 2 hours and decided it was getting too dangerous to continue so we pulled over to the nearest hotel, for which we were grateful. it however smelled like an old folks home and someone has already used the soap (need more one liners…my husband just published some more tour quotes from my mouth here). i won’t say which hotel but it’s the opposite of “NightsOut.”

snowy buffalo chelsea averyi stayed like this drinking my hot cocoa for a full 30 minutes. the positive side of this is that the next morning we had time to visit the holy land of christmas, which is conveniently located in Cleveland, OH…


a christmas story movie cleveland little sceneit was SO awesome. remember how literally a few days before i was just watching this movie and eating too many s’mores with my dad?! it was super fun to visit and reenact a few scenes. we did the ‘shoot your eye out scene,’ the creepy brother Randy eating like a piggy at the table and saying ‘fudddge’ a lot. please note the ‘glow of electric sex’ in the window with the leg lamp! hilarious and surreal because i definitely felt like part of the crazy family and checked the mail box for the decorder ring.

a christmas story movie cleveland little scenefor $10 you can go on a tour the house and the museum across the street but we were on a time crunch (needing to drive 14 hours that day) so we peered in windows and played in the gift shop. we were there on the 30th anniversary of the movie being out so they had extra cool things (i, of course, can only assume this since i’ve never been during the other years but it made me feel special).

a christmas story movie cleveland little sceneevery single thing you could ever want from the movie is available for purchase. literally…everything. from the soap in Ralphie’s mouth, to the bunny outfit, to the leg lamp, to the aviator hat that the awkward kid waiting for santa is wearing…i sort of wanted everything but left with a postcard.

a christmas story movie cleveland museumthey also had every piece of the town that you could purchase individually and put together to create your very own ‘christmas story’ in your home. my next life goal is to accumulate enough money and space so that i may do just that. tiny replicas of things bring me a a strange and massive sense of joy.

a christmas story movie cleveland little scenethere is a whole website dedicated to visitors to this place so check it out here www.achristmasstoryhouse.com

3159 W 11th St.
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 298-4919

and even shows up in google maps!google maps christmas story house

the new wifestyle: never pass up an opportunity to visit a fun place, even if it sets you back a little!

1) what’s your favorite part in ‘a christmas story?’
2) if money wasn’t an issue, what ridiculous and useless things would you start collect?
3) did you have a BB gun growing up? 







  1. Heather Hawkins

    December 18, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    1) Never seen it.
    2) I already collect random stuff. Fabric mostly. I quilt so I use that as my excuse. But its totally just me wanting tiny bits of awesome fabric to rub my face and hands on.
    3) I had an air rifle. Had to shoot well with it before you could move to the .22

    • chelsea

      December 20, 2013 at 12:35 pm

      heaaaather! please watch it. i believe it will be on TBS for 24 hours on christmas day 🙂 hahah love the visual of you collecting soft fabrics that bring your face and hands joy. maybe i should take up quilting. daaaang air rifle-that’s awesome. thanks for your comment and happy holidays!

  2. Katie conkell

    December 20, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    1) Definitely the tongue stuck to the pole, and every kid I’ve seen try that since then!
    2) wines with ridiculous labels and or names. I want to display all the weird ones I’ve seen.
    3) I did! It was pink and I was a pretty decent shot, and yes I still have both eyes 😉

    Good for you for stopping! That is totally something that should be on my bucket list.