Like Father Like Daughter: The Simple Things

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my first full day in Colorado consisted of my dad and i venturing up to 8,530 feet elevation above sea level to Georgetown, Colorado. it’s an adorable mountain town that is cutely decorated for christmas time!
wife blog travel blog georgetown coloradoColorado is beautiful and amazing. i totally felt the effects of the altitude and it was embarrassing as CO girl. my dad and i spent a wonderful afternoon together walking around the cute town, having lunch and eating candy.

look at how cute this is- my dad has these mints in his car and i had the mini-version in my purse-like father like daughter!

wife blog life father like daughter altoidswe got on the road for the 45 minute trip back down to Denver and oh. my. goodness. the worst traffic EVER EVER. they are working on expanding a tunnel to help with traffic to and from the mountains but they had it down to one lane and it was atrocious.

wife blog travel blog colorado trafficit took us 3.5 hours to drive 20 miles. ridiculous. we were getting annoyed and irritated (and then i had to go to the bathroom since i drank so much water at lunch to combat my altitude dizziness) BUT then i made us list all the things that were a-okay about the situation.

we were able to see a pretty sunset, we were safe, the weather was fine, we were together and hadn’t seen each other in a while and we passed this frozen waterfall in Idaho Springs slowly so i could grab a picture.

wife blog colorado travel idaho springs waterfallwe got slap happy and totally lost it after we saw this sign and couldn’t stop laughing. maximum speed 45 mph…TRY A MAXIMUM SPEED OF 3 MPH. if you can’t laugh…you WILL go insane-find the funny in things folks. another funny thing…they literally opened the second laneΒ yesterday. shooooooot.

wife blog travel blog colorado tunnel expansionour reward for enduring this ridiculousness…watching “a christmas story” and enjoying the evening by the fire.

wife blog travel blog chelsea avery fire place and christmas storyyou know how i know my dad is the best…because he said “oh, i also grabbed some things for s’mores making if you want it.” um, of course i want it. in fact-i want two. so thoughtful and nice and delicious.

wife blog travel blog colorado fire place s'mores chelsea averythese are the moments i cherish the most.

the new wifestyle: laughter and appreciating the simple things in life will make you much happier-give it a shot.

1) longest traffic jam you’ve ever sat in?
2) does altitude ever mess with you?
3) what’s a simple thing that you have recently appreciated?


  1. Marc Gabris

    December 14, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    SLatelllike you’re a daddy’s girl! Do you see your hometown through different eyes now that you’ve traveled a ton?

    1) I blocked it out of memory. A selective memory has benefited me in life.

    2) I haven’t worked out much lately. So the altitude makes me feel particularly pathetic.

    3) My brother affirmed that my career choices and the direction I’m going in are positive.

    • chelsea

      December 15, 2013 at 8:27 am

      thanks for your comment Marc! i do see my hometown differently partly because of travel and partly because it also looks so different! so glad you’ve blocked out those horrible traffic jams-i hope that fog sets in for me too πŸ™‚ so happy to hear you have such a supportive and encouraging brother-that’s incredibly valuable πŸ™‚

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