World Record Yoga Attempt in Portland, OR!

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remember when we attempted to break a world record in april? if you participated, thanks so much for your support and spreading the word! this morning we participated in a world record in portland, oregon for the largest yoga chain with more than 800 people! look at all these yoga mats!

world record yoga portland ryan and chelsea averyif you’re wondering what instagram filter i used above…it’s called “make us the same shade as the various yoga mats and bricks.” it did just that.

this was part of the world domination summit that has been held in the city for the past 3 years. unfortunately we won’t be attending the full conference this year but know that it is outstanding! #greatnamaste is the hashtag if you want to see other photos on social media!

the current record is held by india, with 3 poses held continuously by 696 people. we had just about 800 doing 5 poses. booyah.

we even ran into our friend cathey in line and got to hear about evolving happiness in her life-loved it! i also stole this photo right off my new friend sophia’s facebook page. this is the type of thing you can expect when we become friends. you can also expect me to swing my hips daringly close to yours instead of my husband’s when we pose for pictures. you’ve been warned.

world record portland oregon yoga the groupwe paid about $13 each to participate (and you got to keep the yoga mat!) and arrived at 8:30am this morning to find a line about 4 blocks long. they slowly filled the square in and i had my eye on those green and blue mats and thanks to the law of attraction…that’s right where we ended up (there were also orange and yellow ones).

is it weird that my husband and i have ‘relationship colors’ and those colors are blue and green? probably.

world record yoga portland the set upit worked like ‘the wave’ and you had to pay very close attention to who were supposed to follow because you couldn’t start your ‘pose’ until it got to you and then you had to hold it until the pose came back to you. this was our first one, ‘hands to the heart.’ (see those people behind us…the wave hadn’t hit them yet so they had to wait but they were focused on watching for it)

did i ever get nervous that i may screw the whole ‘wave’ up for everybody?  yes.  irrational? yes. did i? thankfully record yoga portland ryan and chelsea avery posenow…i don’t actually do yoga so i cannot give you all the fancy names for these poses but i can explain them because thankfully they were simple since we had to hold each pose for about 5-10 minutes.

from ‘hands to heart’ we moved to ‘criss-cross-applesauce‘ then to ‘legs-straight-out-in-front-of-you-so-your-lower-back-hurts” then to ‘knees-to-chest-channeling-rollie-pollies‘ (see below photo) and the last pose was ‘corpse pose-aka-play-dead-with-your-palms-up.
world record yoga portland half the group

and then we did it and we all clapped and gave each other sweaty hugs and high-fives because it was like 83 degrees out already before noon! they have to still submit everything to guinness world record and they have to do all their fancy checking (trust me…reading through those rules for our own was no small task in itself) so fingers crossed!

world record yoga portland we did it!new marriage fact: couples that break world records together…have more fun together. (source; c. avery, experiential research 7.11.14, the new wifestyle).

world record yoga portland chelsea avery ryan avery

ariel view world record portland yogaa great way to have fun on the weekend is to find what local events are happening in your community and join in. when people come together you can do amazing things and today we were part of more than 800 people who (hopefully) broke a world record in downtown portland, oregon!

the new wifestyle: couples who break world records together, have more fun together!

question #1 – have you ever been part of a world record attempt?
question #2 – if you could break a world record, what would you want to break it in?
question #3- what are you up to this weekend?


  1. Linda

    July 23, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Chelsea, this is great.
    I met you very briefly up here in Vancouver approx. 2 years ago. Would like to chat with you to hear about how this experience was for you and to share a project we are working on which also aims for a ‘world record.’
    Let me know if you’d like to talk over the phone… it would be a pleasure!

    • chelsea

      July 24, 2014 at 11:56 am

      hi linda! thanks so much for your comment and hope you are enjoying Vancouver’s summer! i will send off an email to you and we can connect from there-sounds like an exciting project in the works!
      chelsea recently posted…Reader Survey: Help a Lady Out and Share Your Opinions!

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