When Your Mother Still Loves You Despite Those Certain Years

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i do not take it for granted that i am able to pick up the phone and have my very own mother answer on the other line. i have friends and loved ones that have lost their mothers way too early in life and my heart breaks for them because i know what a special bond there is between mother and daughter (and probably mother and son but i cannot personally speak to being a son). friends, i am thinking of you today xo.

tips for wives chelsea avery and mom wineryhere is a woman that truly has unwavering support in everything that i do and the decisions i make. she raised with me the saying “we are independent, resourceful women” and she lives that and expects my sister and i do the same.

believe it or not, i made some poor choices and treated her atrociously for a few years as a teenager (yes, this is true and i am still sorry) but she continued to love me and not give up on me. thankfully, i got the help that i needed to better manage my anxiety, which often result in a sharp tongue and being not so nice. thanks for not giving up on me for those few years when i was a total monster and had hormones like no other mom! the fear of karma for own children truly haunts me…

when i wanted to get my master’s in social work, she encouraged me to apply to portland state and told me that if we moved there, she would visit me immediately…and sure enough, both things happened!

chelsea avery blog oregon swinging on the beachwhen i told her that i was quitting my social work job, taking my business with my husband full-time and moving to texas to prepare for this…she supported and encouraged me. and of course came to visit me there.

wife blog chelsea avery and mom riding bikes houstonthis may have set the stage (ha!) i would be the one in flannel and my sister would be the one with cacti in her hat reading “kendal.” mom, please go find the sweater you are wearing and let me borrow it.

chelsea avery blog cowboy hatswhen she somewhat joking told me to wait to get married until at least 30, she walked me down the aisle with my dad when i was 23 and helped me plan one of the best days of my life. she let’s me be my own person, shares her own experiences with me is 100% on my team.

chelsea avery wedding and momtwo years ago we got to celebrate a very special mother’s day at my sister’s first graduation in arizona, complete with sisters, mom and grandma present! i also have the best nana ever so happy mother’s day to you too! this was also a very special day because all the mom’s got an entire loaf of bread from a bakery so we doubled up on that biznasss.

chelsea avery blog wife mothers day

i am trying not be too jealous as they all celebrate my sister’s SECOND graduation this weekend with her master’s in social work from the university of south carolina! good job sister! OH and her master’s hood totally looks like it came from hogwarts and i am going to ask her if she’ll take my green one in exchange for her way cool gold and maroon one!

kendal turner chelsea avery blogmy mom she cries with me when i need her to, she’s my cheerleader without me having to ask and i know for a fact that when i have children, what she has taught me will help guide me into being the best mom i can be (for now, on this mother’s day, i am thankful to have an empty womb because ain’t nobody got time for babies right now in my world)!

happy mother’s day to a strong, beautiful intelligent woman who i am lucky enough to get to call ‘mom.’

not only do i feel so fortunate to have created a deep relationship with my own mom, i have also been so incredibly lucky to have the best mother-in-law possible. i am so thankful for you mama A!

so a big happy MIL’s day to you too and thank you for welcoming me so lovingly into your family with great big hugs and warm chocolate chip cookies mama A!

chelsea avery blog with MIL coastif you’re lucky to have your mom/MIL/step-mom/grandmother/mother figure in your life, make sure you appreciate her (and not just on mother’s day) because we will never fully know to the extent of their sacrifices and love they so willingly give us. if you don’t have the relationship you want with her, change it. if you have lost your mom, i cannot fathom that pain but can only hold you in my thoughts, invite you to hug on mine and remember the memories you did create together.

happy mother’s day to all the women who have loved us, brought us into this world and stuck by our sides even when we were bratty, bitchy teenagers making bad decisions!

the new wifestyle: appreciate and acknowledge the woman/women in your life who have helped create a better world for you!

1) favorite thing about your mom?
2) biggest thing you’ve learned from your mom?
3) how has your relationship changed over the years?


  1. jennifermckennasays

    May 15, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Hi Chelsea, I really like the fact that you addressed that mother’s day is hard for some for lots of different reasons. Thank you. Its a sensitive subject for me due to baggage associated with my biological mom. Where I am from, New Orleans, we have a term.. “Mother of your heart” and that is my “mom”
    1) favorite thing about your mom? Her constant ability to see 5, 10 years into my life and know my path better than I do.
    2) biggest thing you’ve learned from your mom? “Begin as you mean to continue” and 1. what do you want? 2. what are you doing to get it? 3. How is that working for you?
    3) how has your relationship changed over the years? For the longest time, she was a mentor to me and there for me to vent to but recently she has actually started venting to me and it feels good to be there for her after so much of her giving herself to me.

    • chelsea

      May 15, 2014 at 7:42 am

      i am glad I could make that space for you jennifer because it’s true that we all experience different things in life with different people. really like the terminology of “mother of your heart!” a lot and so glad you have that. it is pretty amazing when you can then start being the person she leans on too, isn’t it? thanks for sharing so candidly 🙂