NYC Adventure Part II: Naked Men, Celebrities and A Good Smelling Husband!

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the husband and i were able to spend another day in NYC-although this time we took the train in from NJ, which was full of it’s own adventures of figuring out the right train and it still costing a ridiculous amount of but when in the east coast….

even though my soulfriend Lindsey had to work, i said i still must see her because we are in the same dang city and i want to soak up every minute of being near her. thankfully my husband understands this and he helped get us back to alice’s tea cup so we could surprise attack her!

we told the hostess to tell her there was a customer that wanted to see her immediately and then it was us! her face was awesome and she hooked us up with some of the moistest, most delicious chocolate cake and scones for us to munch on in central park-thanks Linds!

relationship blog alice's tea cup lindseyit was actually quite nice to have the previous day apart from my husband because we have literally been around each other 24/7 nonstop for the past 2 weeks. that is a lot of quality time together and when he wasn’t sitting next to me i noticed his lack of presence, which made me appreciate him more. i had a chance to miss him, which i had missed.

we had a lovely time in central park overloading on sugar and trying to talk through what our future would look like. we talked about kids (and the pros and cons of having them), where we want to put down roots and what our careers involved. when we sat down to enjoy the scenery neither of knew that it would turn into a life talk but it did.

life talks can be challenging particularly when you aren’t both exactly on the same page but they are vital to have so you can understand where one another is coming from and work towards common ground.

relationship blog travel nyc central park ryan avery and chelsea averywe walked the streets of new york city, hand in hand (except when hands were needed to cover our noses because some smells of the city are atrocious). you find some neat things to watch on streets-like young kids jumping over people and then break dancing!

relationship blog travel blog nyc breakdancerswe walked towards time square and passed Saks Fifth Avenue and decided to venture in because we have been looking for a new cologne fro Ravery since they discontinued his. we have been on a mission for this for months and haven’t found one we both like. i feel like as his wife i get a say in how he smells, and likewise (although i don’t wear any purfume). we smelled over 20 colognes but feel in love with none.

we walked passed Estee Lauder to ask if they had anything similar to his old smell and then i complained for a minute that they had discontinued his. then something magical happened and she said “wait, what! no we didn’t discontinue that-i think we have some in the back!”

turns out macy’s (where he used to get it) discontinued selling it but they had it! we both jumped up and down and now my husband can smell delicious again!

intuition for men

we made it to time square- which is essentially a public display of how anxiety feels inside of my body. holy-too-much-going-on-at-all-times.

relationship blog travel blog nyc chelsea and ryan averyas we rounded the corner….we found naked men. like naked naked. naturally, we had to go talk to them and ask why they were doing this and how they weren’t being arrested. it turns out if you are naked and painted (or some sort of artistic expression) it is part of free speech and allowable. they were doing it to show that bodies are not just sexual but works of art. i can get behind that. it is pretty neat that our laws protect free expression but it turns out…i still don’t want to see penises painted publicly.

as i was uploading this picture i noticed that we are holding our hands in the exact same position and that made me laugh. oh and well i’m clothed. you are welcome for shielding your eyes from this.

relationship blog travel blog chelsea avery time square naked manas we rounded yet another corner we saw a crowd of people and as i learned when driving through wyoming earlier this year…if you see a herd of people crowded around- there is probably something worth looking at.

relationship blog travel blog nyc orlando bloom crowdi inched carefully closer (you never know what the crowd might be blocking) and sure enough…something to take a photo of…mr. orlando bloom himself (pirates of the caribbean, anyone?) look how excited that one woman is! yay for her!

relationship blog travel blog nyc orlando bloomi might have been more excited if my destination had been something other than NY pizza i had been salivating over since i found out we were going through new york on our travels. this cost around $3 was extremely delicious and was from patzerias perfect pizza NYC. Ravery lucked out because i didn’t notice the massive tomatoes covered by cheese so he got to add those to his pizza.

relationship blog travel blog nyc pizzawe absolutely love sitting up high and looking out so we walked past a roof top bar called “the perfect pint” near the pizza place and we luckily grabbed a sit right on the ledge. because we love intentional irony…my husband had to order a manhattan while in manhattan. yes, we asked for a larger saks fifth avenue bag so we could put our coats in it and look cooler than the small bag that would have fit the cologne. tricky tricky.

relationship blog travel blog nyc rooftop bar ryan averyit was fun to reminisce how we were in new york city together more than 6 years ago when we first started dating. Ravery had a layover here for a day before he took off for studying abroad in Prague so i met him there and we had our first new york experience together. now 6 years later we have made a life commitment to one another and are on this crazy north american tour together. and have lost weight and have better hair cuts and glasses.

who would have known this guy with a bad ‘mohawk’ and his chubby girlfriend wearing contacts would be who we are today. crazy how time flies.

relationship blog travel blog new york city ryan and chelsea averythe new wifestyle: give each other time and space to miss one another. it’s much easier to take one another for granted if you are together all the time.

(i love comments so feel free to answer any/all of the questions below or leave a comment!)

1) craziest thing you’ve seen in NYC or another city?
2) does your significant other get a say in what fragrance you wear?
3) do you find that when you have some time apart from your parter, you appreciate him/her more?


  1. Heather Hawkins

    October 7, 2013 at 11:19 am

    1)I liked looking out the window of our NYC hotel at the street because even though it was supposedly 4 lanes on the road below, they were like 6 cars wide instead of four. Lines painted on the street mean nothing in NYC. I’m not a fan of NYC at all. In the words of Dane Cook, “Paint rust any color you want, its still rust.”

    2) He does to some extent. But I don’t think he’s exercised
    much veto power.

    3) YES. We haven’t had much time apart lately. But we did get a bigger place to stay. So one can be in one room and the other in a different one. Its made us less likely to kill each other for blowing our noses wrong or something. Space is a good thing.

    • chelsea

      October 7, 2013 at 11:02 pm

      NYC is certainly a place like no other aka insanity. i am still not fully sure how people live directly in the city but i suppose to each their own! happy to hear you got a bigger place so that you can be in different rooms-totally jealous and i’m excited to have that back one day because space is a VERY good thing. yay! and thanks for commenting heather!

  2. Jacqueline

    October 7, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    I was in New York this past summer for the first time. Once I got use to how busy it was I fell in love with the city. I was one of those people that that group jumped over. Somebody somewhere has a nice picture of my butt I’m sure.

    Time apart if needed. Like you said it makes you appreciate them more, and gives you that chance to miss them. It also gives you time to do you.
    By the way, I love reading your blog! It’s great!

    • chelsea

      October 7, 2013 at 11:05 pm

      so crazy jacqueline that you were one of those people that got jumped over (hopefully they were accurate and you were not injured). looove it! i appreciate that you added space “gives you time to do you” i’m a biiiig fan of that! thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  3. Vivien

    October 7, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    LMAO oh chelsea your blog posts make me laugh out loud sometimes. I just read the one of “better hair cuts and glasses” and thought “what is she talking about?” I then scroll down some more to see the picture from six years ago. Oh my!

    1) Spent some time in London recently where I discovered most of the lanes were super narrow (in comparison with N. America standards). So if there was just enough for a car to change lanes, they would often do so (with inches to spare). A lot of white knuckling on my part…

    2) Yes, and I want the same in reverse. There are some fragrances that will give me massive headaches and/or make me nauseous.

    3) What’s that saying? Distance/absence makes the heart grow fonder?

    • chelsea

      October 7, 2013 at 11:10 pm

      glad i could make you chuckle vivien…i debated for a solid 10 minutes about whether to add that photo or not because it’s noooot the most flattering but we had fun :). i am excited to hear more about your trip to london-that is definitely on my list of places i must visit (although driving there sounds terrible).

      thanks for your thoughts and i hope your trip was marvelous!!

  4. Denis Nurmela

    October 7, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    When I used to live on Long Island as a kid (properly pronounced Lon Guy Land) I took the train into Grand Central Station one day and next to the stairs heading out was a drug dealer to my left making a deal and a nun collecting donations on the other side. They seemed to have a cordial working agreement. 🙂

    • chelsea

      October 7, 2013 at 11:11 pm

      ha denis-i truly laughed out loud on the pronunciation of “lon guy land” and wow…what a sight that must have been to see! glad they also seemed to have it figured out-ha! the world is crazy. thanks for your post!

  5. Nick

    October 11, 2013 at 9:14 am

    1) Craziest thing I’ve seen in a city. Probably was almost every street in Montreal when I was there for my brothers wedding, having roadworks on them at the same time with apparently no work actually being done.

    2) Not really, but that’s more cause the only fragrance I use is what ever is in the particular shaving cream or soap that day. But that can vary quite a wide spectrum of scents from Roses or Violets to Woods and Classic Barbershop Scents.

    3) As heather said, space is good, and the inability to get away from the other is maddening, but being away voluntarily from the other is a great ability.

    Another place to check out if your looking for more esoteric scents is

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  7. chelsea

    October 11, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    i like that you have varying scents to always keep your lady guessing as to whether you’ll smell like violets or barbershop! thanks for the link on creating new scents-very cool and i liked their graphics! ‘maddening’ is also a good word to use when you cannot get away from one another-ha! thanks for your comment nick!