Exploring New England and Cape Cod

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first, i want to share with you a cranberry bog on the way ocean spray corporate headquarters. we saw them on our GPS so decided to make a stop because they were a mile away from us but it turns out they don’t do tours there but it sure was a pretty drive before we got turned away!

on our way to cape cod, we obviously had to see plymouth rock, where it turns out the pilgrims probably didn’t actually step on at all but still a major part of american history so it was neat (even if the rock it’s was tinier than anticipated). it has “1620” imprinted on it.

just behind plymouth rock is the ‘mayflower II’ and it’s a museum that we did not pay to go into but instead admired the outside. we asked a nice man who was also being a tourist (except he was from China) to take our photo (he did a great job by the way) and as he handed the camera back to us and we thanked him he said….”you’re welcome. and you are very beautiful.” umm, thank you? it was hilarious and we were completely caught off guard, i’m sure our faces were priceless.

IMG_0986i appreciated that many of their signs depicted native americans along with pilgrims because let’s all take a moment to remember…neither pilgrims nor columbus discovered new land…it was already inhabited.

IMG_0984the drive to cape cod was beautiful and we drove to Chatham to see the lighthouse and walk on the beach. it quite lovely and full of massive houses that i want to live in.

IMG_1029i could sit and watch the waves roll in all day. all day, son!

IMG_1012even their drug stores are fancy and they also contain wheat thins that cost $4.65 (compared to my sale price of $1.75) but i splurged anyways. a girl needs her crackers to help maintain her sanity.

IMG_1003we are loving spending time in New England (i had to google exactly what that meant and it consists of multiple states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island). so far we’ve driven through Connecticut and spent time in Massachusetts with Rhode Island coming up next! it’s gorgeous here and so different from anywhere i’ve been before. i am also going to try to dress very Newport-y today to see if any tourists ask me where things are.

the new wifestyle: educate yourself on where you are traveling and the accurate history there.

1) did you know that New England consisted of all those states or was this just me?
2) were you surprised by the size of plymouth rock?
3) funniest comment someone has said to you when handing your camera back

1 Comment

  1. Vivien

    October 12, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    1) I knew it was consisted of the states in that general area of the USA, but I didn’t know the specific ones.
    2) Yup, it does look a lot smaller that I had imagined it!