A Manifesto, A FREE E-Book and Bride All Walk Into A Website…

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thank you all so much for your excitement and encouragement over the revamped new wifestyle!

also, apologies to my blog-post subscribers…something went wonky and you didn’t receive your post in your email box announcing the changes. check out yesterday’s post and be sure to get entered into my $25 amazon gift card give away!

i’ve created the new wifestyle manifesto, which i believe encompasses who we are as women and wives and what we stand for:


man·i·fes·to [man-uhfes-toh]: (noun, plural man·i·fes·toes.) a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.

the new wifestyle is a mindset and a lifestyle – at its core stands a strong, independent woman.

like most things in the world, there are many areas of gray. there is no specific way to live the new wifestyle but there are a few beliefs that we go to bat for:

  • we believe that strong women with big dreams make the best partners
  • we believe in making marriage a priority
  • we believe that women and men are equally strong, smart and capable
  • we believe that maintaining a sense of individuality is essential to a relationship
  • we believe marriage should be a partnership
  • we believe that outdated gender roles and expectations don’t have to define modern marriages
  • we believe in choices
  • we believe in striving to be bold
  • we believe in communication and sharing our opinions
  • we believe in respecting ourselves and our partners
  • we believe in equality for ourselves and others
  • we believe in loving in the way that works for us
  • we believe in supporting one another
  • we believe that love  is not defined by gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, political stance or other socially constructed identities
  • we believe in love

oh and my new logo! i love it. i actually held a contest on 99 designs and ended up with 193 designs to choose from! it was incredibly overwhelming mostly because i struggle with making decision but i ended up selecting a woman’s design from indonesia. they gave me code HERE in case you are looking for a logo designed-you can get a free $99 upgrade!

The New Wifestyle Color

even more exciting than my logo (which excites me to no end and i’m contemplating a tattoo of it. i suppose that could be a business expense, right? just kidding, mom!) is that i wrote my first mini e-book! it’s 17 pages long and filled with 7 actions that you and your partner can start implementing TODAY to have a better relationship. better relationship=happier life and better make-sessions. it’s science.

How to Improve Your Marraige

have you created a ‘strike list’ for your relationship? do you know your core pillars? what about increasing your intimacy (and i’m not just talking about sex)? all of those topics and more are covered in my book! you can get it by signing up for my newsletter, which is slated to go out once a week and it will contain:

  • quirky date ideas for your weekend
  • ways to connect more with your partner
  • links to the blog posts in case you can’t make it here every day and don’t subscribe to receive each post in your email
  • probably some sort of sassy quote/comic/joke because we can all use a little more sass!

if we are best friends buddies on social media (and we should be) then you may have seen i was invited to cover “portland fashion week” last night. my husband is actually more into fashion than i am so he came with me to bump up my credibility. what an interesting and visually pleasing the fashion community is! it was also bridal night and you know i love me some wedding bliss.

the new wifestyle chelsea and ryan avery

i had the opportunity to interview three of the designers so stay tuned for that post next and for now i leave you with this sneak peek:

portland fashion week bridesthank you again for your love and support over the relaunch! more big plans in store for how this website can best serve you!

1) which manifesto points do you most closely identify with?
2) are you into fashion or does your mother still dress you? (i’m the latter)
3) other elements you might like to see in a newsletter? (i’m keeping them brief)



  1. Brittany

    October 2, 2014 at 10:53 am

    I love the Manifesto!! I like all of them but my favourites are: the first one, maintaining a sense of individuality is essential to a relationship, striving to be bold, and respecting ourselves and our partners. I also love your new logo as well. Congrats on the e-book as well! That’s exciting.

    • chelsea

      October 2, 2014 at 5:15 pm

      so glad you like it and agree with the manifesto, brittany! those are some of my top favorites you listed too-especially being bold, which can be a stretch for me sometimes. thanks for sharing in my excitement 🙂