Why the Beach is Good for the Soul-and so is Leaving it!

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i took a break from blogging the past few days because i’ve been busy doing this:

blogs for wivesif you interpreted that as eating, taking too many photos of dogs and sitting on the beach…then that just about sums up my week and it has been unbelievably fabulous to do nothing but the above.

i’ve determined it’s good for the soul and the mind to eat carbs, get puppy loving and sit on the beach so you can reenergize yourself. it also lit a hotter fire under me and i realize that i have a lot to offer the world before i spend all my days on the beach-that’s a few years off!

it was pretty packed with people over memorial day weekend in panama city beach, fl (apparently only a quarter of what spring break is like-yuck. too many people for this introvert) and it seemed like wild herds of hooligans would constantly race down the street honking their annoying little horns on those rentable scooters.

last week, we became a part of that very wild herd of hooligans.

blogs for wives panama city beach scooter rental

my in-laws are fabulous at giving great gifts so this was my husband’s birthday gift from them (remember…in my family we celebrate a full birthday month so even though his actual birthday was on may 2nd, this is still very appropriate).

initially, of course, i had a mini jolt of anxiety at the prospect of doing something i’ve never done before, especially when it involves a motor, loud sounds and me at the wheel. i pushed past it (you better be smiling at that semi-shout out to one of your speeches my dear husband) and decided i wouldn’t let my fear control my desire to have fun. i also felt better when i saw they had a 3-wheeler as an option!

blogs for wives ryan and chelsea avery scootersi am not offended if your eyes linger on my husband’s long, skinny, white legs longer than they do on my slightly-tanner legs. can you guess what he’s pointing at?

probably an alligator, since we are posing in front of the fair warning sign. we really did see an alligator eating a turtle later in our adventure through st. andrew’s state park.

in the park, you can visit a great beach with sugar soft sand…it’s a good thing we were prepared with our swimsuits underneath because it was an amazing experiencing to jump in the ocean and then dry off via scooter!

blogs for wives panama city beach travelthe wind is only blowing a little bit…the rest is just how my hair reacts in humidity.

the only way to end a 4 hour scooter ride is with ice cream (and you must reapply sunscreen every hour on the hour or your skin will sizzle with blisters).

blogs for wives ryan and chelsea averyafter we got back, i forced myself to eat some carrots and then we took a sunset stroll along the beach because it’s stereotypically accurate with being incredibly romantic.

i asked my husband why he wanted to marry me and he listed many wonderful qualities that made me blush and smile.

then he asked an even better question

of “why do you choose to stay married to me after 3.5 years of marriage?”

blogs for wives ryan and chelsea avery sunset panama city beachmore of the epiphanies, similarities and difference that answer evoked in another post in the near future but i highly recommend you ask yourself that with any relationship you continue investing your heart and time into.

and it wouldn’t be right if i didn’t include these few adorable pictures of our almost-dog, sugar:

chelsea avery and sugar panama city beach

blogs for wives sugarblogs for wives us with sugarmakes me sad we had to say goodbye to her but our travel schedule is still too nuts to give her the home she deserves right now.

we are now back in portland for about 48 hours with my in-laws before we leave for an ALASKAN CRUISE with some more of the family…woohooo!

portland oregon inlaws in townmy sweet husband cooked us all breakfast this morning (i already had my morning toast before my run this morning so i’m sans bread)! here’s what you need to replicate it and have your tastebuds erupt with deliciousness:

-good bread
-cream cheese
-scrambled eggs
-cholula sauce

you’re welcome. HAPPY FRIDAY!

the new wifestyle: take the time to relax and feel revitalized but also use it to build stamina back up to go for your dreams and goals!

1) would you say you are more of an introvert or extravert?
2) have you ridden motorcycles or scooters before? (those are in the same category, right?)
3) have you been on alaskan cruise before? any tips???