Merry Christmas and My Gift to You…

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merry christmas everyone! i hope you are enjoying a fantastic day filled with treats, love, family and friends!

IMG_4209i am rocking the new christmas sweater my grandparents sent me and it is officially the first time i’ve ever worn leopard print. i feel like i should be on the prowl and i like it!

here is my gift for you…if you ever accidentally pack your corkscrew because you are moving 2,300 miles across the country the day after christmas and then want to open a bottle of wine…i have the way!

first off, do not contemplate breaking off the top because apparently “that is a little too intense, chelsea” but what you can do is find a screw driver, screw it into the cork and yank it out with an adjustable wrench or pliers and *pop* it comes out like butter! you are welcome.

wife blog how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscreweven though we are packing and it’s pretty chaotic (and lots of emotions) around here, i am very thankful to be spending this christmas with my great in-laws! they are hilarious, kind, funny and great people! they also clean up pretty nice too 🙂

IMG_4212thank goodness for Facetime too because even though i’m having a great time, i still really miss my family so it made it better to actually see some of their faces.

it’s the nana and mom!

wife blog nana and mom facetimeand my sister and dad!

wife blog sister and dadmerry christmas and happy holidays!


  1. Sue Anderson-Seibert

    December 27, 2013 at 1:07 am

    Thanks for sharing your family at Christmas. I hope it was a happy one even with all the moving. Where did you end up.

    • chelsea

      December 28, 2013 at 8:52 pm

      aw thanks for your nice comment Sue!! it sure was a happy one, even if a little nuts! hope the same for you 🙂 we are in the midst of moving to Oregon!