My Husband the Baker (and ‘class favorite’)

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merry christmas eve!!!! we have a house full of dogs and boxes! we leave in 2 days (eeeeeek) to move back to portland so i’m shuffling between skipping around singing christmas songs and trying to throw all of our things into boxes! that’s my mother-in-law with her cute new haircut, that’s what i look like after i run (greasy and sweaty) and my sister-in-law ashley with some cute puppies!

texas christmas wife blogspeaking of running…check out the beautiful lake houston i’ve been getting to run around! (well it’s passed the trees).

wife blog run along lake houstonabout a week ago while we were still on the road, my husband got a hankering to bake a pie-specifically a pie that had a lattice topping to it. he texted his mom and because she’s such a great woman she went out and got all the ingredients for him when we walked in the door!

the new wifestyle ryan avery cookingthis was the very first time he’s ever baked a pie (i’m typically the baker and he’s the cook) but lucky for him he had 3 women politely suggesting different ways to do things. ha! that’s Farah-essentially his other mama when he was growing up and she stopped by!

he new wifestyle cooking in the kitchenhe baked a delicious apple pie, all while supporting our alma mater in his fashionable apron.
wife blog ryan avery first apple piei also found this little number when we were cleaning out drawers: my husband was not only nominated but won “class favorite” in high school! this feels like an absurd category to me, did other people’s high schools have this category?! i feel like “favorite” is such a bizarre thing. please also note he was also “mr. spirit.”

i’m probably still bitter i didn’t get first place for funniest in my high school. bitter.

wife blog ryan avery class favoriteoh and here are my beautiful hand-painted nesting dolls from Russia that my fantastic in-laws got me!!! i stare at them for about 7 minutes each time i walk by them! these will definitely be out on december 1 every single year to follow!

the new wifestyle my russian dollshope everyone is enjoying their day and getting ready for C H R I S T M A S tomorrow!!!!!!!! SANTA IS COMING!

the new wifestyle: appreciate the time and treats with family!

1) any sentimental “must-have” decorations that go up for the holidays around your home?
2) were you nominated for any categories in high school?
3) what’s on tap for you today and tomorrow? 


  1. Claire

    December 24, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    I’m sitting here at my parents’ house remembering that my WSU ornament is in a box for the second year in a row (I have skipped a tree for the past couple of years), trying desperately to ignore that your alma mater beat mine in embarrassing fashion just 3 days ago. I hope you and Ryan have a merry Christmas and safe move. See you soon!!

    • chelsea

      December 25, 2013 at 1:50 pm

      haha awww Claire i’m sorry the rams kicked your school’s booooty (they weren’t that good when i was a student there). hope you are enjoying your christmas with your parents and see you sooooooooon!!!!

  2. Marc Gabris

    December 24, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    Sounds like you’re having a good time. Could your family have any more dogs? I don’t have a single dog in my family right now – unless you count my brother ; ) Ryan won class favorite with a few others; that is such a weird category. What does it mean to be a class favorite? I don’t understand why high schools do that – I never one won. If titles are given to a few then I think everyone should have them especially if they don’t make any sense anyhow. Why couldn’t I be voted most zesty?

    • chelsea

      December 25, 2013 at 1:51 pm

      we sure are Marc! haha i should have clarified that my sister-in-law was foster one, she has one of her own, my in-laws have 2 and we are eventually adopting the one i’m holding (it gets reaaaaal crazy though). thank you for also agreeing that ‘class favorite’ is weird. i have no idea what it means either! crazy texans. i would totally vote for you for ‘most zesty’ fo’ sho. merry christmas!

      • Marc Gabris

        December 25, 2013 at 2:12 pm

        Thanks Chelsea! : ) Merry Christmas!