Colorado Weekend, Mashed Potato Bar and Poor Husband

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it’s been quite the week! part of the issue is that i returned home from my excellent long weekend in colorado on monday and had to help my husband deal with a horrid travel experience-like one of the most ridiculous EVER. he recorded a vlog about it all and thankfully it all eventually worked.

i will share an added bonus with you. you should know he walked into a federal government building  in philly to give a training to their top executives wearing jeans and a t-shirt he slept in on the floor of the atlanta airport, while carrying a victoria’s secret bag (yes he had a carry-on, he switched planes and they made him check it). you can really only laugh at this point but it caused some late nights and more stress eating than i care to admit and i was only a helpless bystander! there was also a creepy man that laid down directly next to him in the airport.

here he is arriving home at 1am portland time and 4am east coast time! yikes.

photo (1)

anywho, back to talking about colorado because it’s one of my favorite places to go back to and i didn’t lug my huge camera around for nothing! so here’s a myriad of photos from my excellent weekend back home!

the view from a walk with my mama.


my flight left from portland at 6am and my husband’s flight left at 6:15am so we were able to share a ride to the airport and groggily kiss goodbye for way too long as we left for different terminals. if we are already buddies on instagram then you saw my eyes don’t open very wide before 6am.


ps. i will never fly frontier airlines again and that is another post that i’m attaching to my ‘customer survey’ because their new baggage rules and drink rules are ridiculous and got me all riled up.

the great thing about an early flight is that i got in at 9:45am and got to spend the day with my dad! we went out to brunch, drove around to see pretty leaves and ended our night with a fire! because he knows his daughters well, he always has s’mores makings on hand so double score!


the next morning he took me over to my mom’s house where we worked diligently from home for a few hours before we headed to see mr. chris kattan at comedy works in denver!

we were literally seated on stage in three bolted down seats but he left us alone because either the altitude and/or some nose candy kept him very preoccupied with rubbing his nose. he was funny, nonetheless! here’s my illegal, blurry picture.

IMG_9488the main purpose of my trip to colorado was to attend my soul friend’s baby shower! i spent the afternoon with her and her hubs and got dropped off and picked up like i was 15 again. it was grand and the family dog, mr. finbar, got to ride along!

colorado morrison red rocks

now for various photos because they make me happy:

we drove past red rocks amphitheater and because i was an apathetic teenager, i didn’t really care that i graduated on that stage from high school. as we drove past, in all of my faux-adultness, i decided it was indeed pretty badass.

red rocks morrison colorado travelice cream for the baby, duh. heath bar candy for the win!

IMG_9510the happy couple!

james and lindsey baby showerthe unhappy spider who had to be relocated for pictures (i’m having nightmares too)

baby shower spiderdenver is coming into its own as a big city and finally has some mass transit action happening so they’ve redone union station.

union station colorado restaurantseven if you don’t need to travel anywhere, still have a night out here for drinks and dinner because the inside is gorgeous!

terminal union station colorado bari scored a moscow mule for only $8 bucks which seems like a deal to me! they also weren’t stingy with their wine pour either! look how cute my mama is:

blogs for wives mom chelsea averywe sent that picture to my sister, who is currently living in AZ telling her we missed her. she sent back “enjoy that turtleneck weather.” that is hilarious because we are both proactive in our rrefusal to wear and support turtlenecks and because it’s always 105 degrees there.

no baby shower is complete without a mashed potato bar! #amazing. i had one of these at our rehearsal dinner before our wedding and this is how i know lindsey and i are soul friends. yes, those are also asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto.

baby shower mashed potatoe barbaby things are the cutest. it’s a little bear onesies for playing in the snow! i wish i could claim i found this but alas, i did not. i am currently in the market for one my size so let me know if you find one.

baby shower bear suitof course this baby had to have a little ‘new wifestyle’ chevron onesies!


wifestyle baby chevronas lindsey and i squeezed each other in our goodbye, we realized this would be the last it would just be ‘the two of us’ because next time i see her in december….SHE WILL HAVE A BABY IN HER ARMS!!! crazytown. remember how i couldn’t keep my hands off her in seattle and then had a mini panic-attack that my biological clock was broken? she’s my first and bestest friend who is having a baby and it’s blowing my mind.

isn’t she the cutest pregnant lady ever?!

IMG_9532saying “see you later” to my parents and soul friend in colorado is never easy and i somehow seem to forget how much harder it is to come home without my husband here to hug me and tell me it’s okay and put chocolate in my mouth.the exciting thing? we are all going to colorado for christmas- YAY! even his family is flying in so fingers crossed for a white christmas please.

want to know what was in that victoria secret bag that my husband lugged into his meeting with the federal government? these wine glasses from his parents for me! sweetest man ever and they pair nicely with ‘the mindy project.’



happy friday and i hope you have a fabulous weekend! you can find me drinking all liquid from those massive wine glasses.

1) article of clothing that you refuse to wear? (turtlenecks and high-waisted pants/skirts for me)
2) do you/did you watch saturday night live?
3) feel free to share your most ridiculous travel story because i know we’ve all been there!



  1. Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties

    October 17, 2014 at 9:46 am

    1) mashed potato bars are SO BRILLIANT. I’ve never experienced one but I tried to convince both of my older brothers to have them at their weddings… they both ignored my requests. LAME.

    2) hahahaha nose candy

    3) you graduated from RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATER?! that is the coolest thing ever! I’ve never been but have seen lots of pics and it looks so cool!
    Ashley @ Saving Money in your Twenties recently posted…Riddle me this…

    • chelsea

      October 17, 2014 at 9:52 am

      i suppose you will just need to create your own mashed potato bar for really any occasion, ashley!! (i’m thinking a celebration is in order because it’s friday!)

      it was really awesome to drive by red rocks and see it from that angle both literally and figuratively. i mean…tom petty played there the friday before! you should really venture to colorado and see a concert or even movie night there!

  2. Amanda

    October 24, 2014 at 8:07 am

    That mashed potato bar is making me want potatoes now. Yum

    • chelsea

      October 24, 2014 at 9:26 am

      it was DELICIOUS! i hope you get some potatoes pronto amanda!