Changing Your View Can Change Your Outcome

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i am not sure what you were doing last night but after my 2 hours of cleaning (i have no idea how people with children ever have a clean, organized home because i destroyed ours over 6 measly days), i decided that instead of watching 4 hours worth of trashy TV, i’d be BOLD and spend my time more wisely. i should admit to you that i then proceeded to watch 2 episodes of ‘revenge’ but that is half of what i was planning on.

i popped in the first DVD of my husband and his mentor (Dr. Randy Havery’s) home study course and it blew my mind. a lot of that was because i’m ready to have my mind blown and engage in different things to achieve new outcomes.

this first DVD is all about understanding and finding your why. why you do what you do, why you are on this earth, why the world needs you to take big actions and why if you speak from the heart, the world will listen.

how to be a speaker ryan avery and randy harvey

now, i’ve seen a lot of this before (heck i was even there for the filming of it), and i hear it during Ryan’s workshops but it wasn’t until last night that i was ready to truly hear what was being taught in helping me develop my why. this is important because i am ready and practicing being bold and doing bigger things.

i am sharing this with you because i am currently sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for my flight to Lubbock and during that 4 hour flight from Portland, i decided to change my behavior. when i’m on planes i usually do whatever i can do to distract myself from reality. this consists of reading intense stories that engulf my whole brain, watching Harry Potter on my tiny little iPod (not a fancy iPad, like the original 2 inch screen), sometimes enjoying some wine or when my husband is with me, making him play cribbage with me.

about 3 minutes after as we ascended  above the dense fog that covered the Portland ground during take off, this was the view:

wifestyle blog oregon portland pdx travelthe sun was shining, it was spectacular and a very different view than when i was on the ground. i figured since my view had increased in clarity, beauty and dimension…maybe my actions should as well. with that thought, i pulled out my ‘changing the world’ notebook i got from my past supervisor (shout out Naomi!) and brain-stormed who i was and what i am about- all pieces of finding your why.

relationship blog book outline wifestylethat book also now contains the outline of MY BOOK! i feel pretty proud of myself for taking different actions than i usually would and the outcome was excellent. here is what else i saw from the sky:

A PURPLE LAKE! talk about being bold….way to go lake!

relationship blog purple lakei also discovered that everyone in Dallas has a pool.

wifestyle blog dallas texas everyone has poolsi am now sitting here letting my PB&J sandwich, smoothie (both of which i downed in under 10 minutes and that was about 10 minutes way too fast) and ‘why‘ all digest. also, someone just sat down right next to me even though there are a ton of open seats. sir, if you are reading this…that’s weird of you.

even more exciting news: I GET TO SEE MY HUSBAND IN T-MINUS 3 HOURS! woohoo! i am getting so excited and have little butterflies in my stomach when i think about seeing this familiar, 6’4 man smiling and waiting to pull me into his arms. yay love!

the new wifestyle: sometimes small changes can create big differences in your life.

1) have you ever thought about what your ‘why’ is? if so, what was your process like? have you found it?
2) what do you usually do to pass the time on airplanes?
3) what actions have you changed for the better recently?


  1. leannalindquist

    January 16, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    WOW Chelsea! You have started a book. I am in awe of you. Please put me down for an autographed copy.
    Hugs, Leanna

    • chelsea

      January 19, 2014 at 8:18 am

      awww Leanna-thank you for your kindness and unwavering support! i’ve got ya down for an autographed copy for sure 🙂

  2. Aunt Jenny❤️

    January 23, 2014 at 8:16 am

    Me too! Can’t wait for my autographed copy.
    On planes, I love to listen to music and read. What a joyous escape…. I often travel with Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards and love to commit more of her great sayings to memory. And the window seat reigns supreme. To see the geography of the land below is the BEST.

    • chelsea

      January 24, 2014 at 2:50 pm

      awww thanks auntie Jenny!! you are fabulous 🙂 ohhh that’s a great idea of bringing those cards along-lots of great sayings! you and i are on the same page for the window seat being the very best! thanks so much for commenting on here 🙂