back to back to back to back!

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yes, we are alive and yes i will be talking to my husband about booking back to back to back to back workshops because this wife….is exhausted!

i do have to give him a lot of major credit because i have the easier job of sitting in the audience, writing down notes to help him improve the workshops and then selling product afterwards. i’m in the ‘where’s waldo-esque’ stripes!

chelsea avery blog washington dchowever, he has to muster up all of the energy he can to get up on stage and teach two hour workshops in 3 different over the course 4 days. thank goodness his energy levels are incredible and he truly gives his audience every ounce of himself while on stage.

thank you District 27 Toastmasters for hosting us in the DC area!


thanks to District 36 Toastmasters  for hosting us in DC!

chelsea and ryan avery speaking washington dc

thank you District 13 Toastmasters for having us in Pittsburgh, PA!

ryan avery speaking pittsburgh

thanks to District 38 Toastmasters for hosting us near Philadelphia, PA!

chelsea avery blog ryan avery speaker workshop philly

while this tour is proving to be more intense than i had initially anticipated, it is also a lot more rewarding too. not only is it an amazing opportunity to explore our country but we get to meet so many positive, fun people along the way. that’s my favorite part and of course seeing my husband’s dreams coming true.

ok, proud wife moment toning down nooooow.

the drive from Washington, DC to Pennsylvania was breathtaking. the fall colors are just coming out and my eyes couldn’t look around enough to soak it all in. what a beautiful state!

chelsea avery blog ryan avery fall colors in pa

we are currently spending the morning in Philedelphia (or ‘philly’ as the cool people say) and i am planning on stuffing my face with a soft pretzel and getting my hands on some ‘TastyKakes.” i will workout this afternoon to get my sanity back on track and burn through some of the excess ‘energy’ i’ve been consuming in the form of less-than-good-for-you-foods AND preparing for tomorrow!

tomorrow may just be another friday, cctober 4 for you but tomorrow marks the day when my very best friend (dubbed soulfriend) and i REUNITE AFTER BEING APART FOR 3 YEARS! we haven’t seen each other since my wedding day more than three years ago and that is just ridiculous. about once every few months during these past few years, my husband would find me with tears in my eyes every so often and when he asked what was wrong i would simply say “i miss lindsey.”

watch out New York City because lindsey and i are coming for you and it’s going to be epic (and probably include some crying out of happiness of being together). see you tomorrow at 4am lindsey (don’t be mad james)!

chelsea avery and lindsey soulfriends
he new wifestyle: things often work out differently than you plan for but that doesn’t necessary make it a bad thing.

1) favorite place on the east coast?
2) how do you feel about speaking in front of crowds? love it or hate it?
3) when’s the last time you got to see your best friend?


  1. chuckmen

    October 3, 2013 at 10:39 am

    1. New York city at Christmas time.
    2. Never have an issue speaking in front of larger audiences due to Toastmasters.
    3. At his funeral, he’s passed away now.

    • chelsea

      October 3, 2013 at 8:26 pm

      wow chuckmen! you’ve been to NYC during christmas time!? totally envious. i cannot even begin to imagine the magic in the air there! i am also sorry to hear you lost your best friend, how incredibly hard that must be 🙁 thinking of you and thank you for your comment.