Why I LOVED My Husband Being out of Town

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my husband has recently returned home after being gone for 11 days and it gave me lots of time to reflect because it was so. dang. quiet. if you know my husband, you know that he tends to be quite enthusiastic (even at 6am) and has been known to make up songs about breakfast or how he thinks my curly hair is lovely. the silence freaked me out at first. i actually just had to ask him to stop singing so i could concentrate on writing this.

here are my favorite things about my husband being back:

1) i have someone to feed me again
2) i have my snuggle buddy back
3) he motivates me to focus and stretch  myself
4) there is someone here to laugh at my wisecracks (because i was getting nothing from our plant)
5) my life really is exponentially better when he is in it

there were also positives to him being gone for a while too:

1) i remembered that i am individual and can function on my own (sometimes we become a little too attached and dependent on each other and it was a good reminder)
2) i took time to do what i felt like doing whenever i wanted to (like watching my shows until 1am in bed or reading for hours on end)
3) i was reminded how much i thrive on having quiet, alone time and how that recharges me
4) i totally left dishes in the sink and clothes eveeeerywhere until a few hours before he came home. it was awesome to be lazy in that regard and even better when i cleaned up!
5) i take his company and the little things he does for me for granted a lot more than i realized

obviously, my life is way better when my husband is around but i also learned and was reminded of important things during our 11 days apart. now that i’m done writing this, i shall let him resume singing about how quickly his videos are uploading.

the new wifestyle: don’t get too comfortable with your significant other because you may start taking them for granted 

1) when’s the last time you/your significant other left for a while? how’d you cope?
2) think of one thing that you probably take for granted that your sweetie does for you? now…thank them for it
3) are you a singer? do you make up songs or find yourself always humming a tune?


  1. Carol Shockley

    March 5, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    A. I love the way your mind operates and reciprocates in blogs for each of us to relate too.

    1. My husband is gone weekly. We live apart from Sunday after dinner until Friday after dinner. We have been living this way for 5 years. At first I had teenagers at home so adjusting to the lack of companionship was different and didn’t go unnoticed but I had alot of other company and items to keep me busy. Now all our kids have moved out and I’m alone since this January during the week. At first it was wonderful. I never before lived alone or with a roommate for that matter. I was with child since I was 18. So it was a new adventure. Then as the weeks went by I realized I like myself, I like the silence, I learned a bit more about myself and what motivates me, when my best work hours are throughout the day, and discovering the depths of being even more. What really excites me, is I get to have my husband/my boyfriend (his nickname) home and visiting over the weekends. Oh it is sooo much fun! I have realized over these past couple of months how much I love him, how blessed I am that he loves me, and that as a couple with children we don’t take much time to think about life after kids to often until it happens. I’m glad God choose him for me and that I do really like him.

    2. One thing my husband does for me is feed my love language by acts of service at home and when I am on the road running events. When he is home, he juices for me each day, he does my laundry when I haven’t done it, he does the dishes, he helps me with projects around the house… without ever complaining. When he is able to attend events I am managing he helps with setup and tear down without skipping a beat. He just knows what needs to happen and does it for me usually even before I ask. I am spoiled!

    3. I am for sure a singer! I make up songs all the time, especially in the mornings!!! I am a morning girl!

    • chelsea

      March 5, 2014 at 7:41 pm

      thanks Carol for reading and commenting and i’m glad my brain can relate to someone 🙂 i SO admire how you and your husband have been making the distance work for 5 years-so impressive! maybe you need to do a guest blog on here about how you do it! what a new adventure indeed with finding yourself in so many solitude-absolutely love that you “realized you like yourself” that made me smile.

      also makes me happy for you both that you have that weekend to look forward to you and that he is so helpful with your *amazingly coordinated* events and helps you with acts of service around the house!

      ps. i totally pegged you for a singer 😉

  2. Marc Gabris

    March 5, 2014 at 5:28 pm

    Touching post. Good reminder to appreciate those we love and the time apart from them as well.

    • chelsea

      March 5, 2014 at 7:41 pm

      thanks for your nice comment Marc-it was a good reminder for me too even with the ups and downs of Ravery being gone 🙂

  3. Heather Hawkins

    March 5, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    1) I haven’t been without him for a year. It is kind of grating actually. We love each other, but being stuck is still sticky! He and I plan time apart now though. We go to the gym at different times. Since I only go for a half hour and he goes for 90 minutes, We just use that extra hour a day to be alone.
    2) He tells me to take naps. I’m not good at scheduling what I think of as “non productive time.” So, the me time.
    3) Aiden and I both sing a lot. About nothingness. And everythingness. And annoying Nick. Lol, he seems to enjoy it most of the time, except when I get “too weird.” I don’t know. Nick? About what percentage of a day do you think I’m singing nonsensical stuffs?

    • chelsea

      March 5, 2014 at 7:44 pm

      so happy to hear Heather that you are scheduling and being intentional about having your time apart-so vital to a relationship and as i’m sure you’ve noticed-quite helpful! i tend to be that same person for Ravery to take ‘non-productive time’ even though it really does help with productivity-that’s great your hubs does that for you!

      haaaa! this is hilarious because Ravery always says he can’t wait until we have kids so they can all wake me up with songs about ridiculous things! you are living proof that this goes on 🙂