We Made it to Portland, Oregon!

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hoooooooray! after my husband hauled ass along the highway yesterday (my navigation was pretty simple “stay on i-84 west for 389 miles), we arrived in Portland, Oregon!

if you’ve never driven through Oregon…add it to your list. have a chat with mother nature too to ask her to keep the roads dry but freeze all the trees around you because it is surreal and breathtaking.

frozen trees wifestyle blog

driving along the Columbia River Gorge is quite literally gorgeous (see what i did there?)

wifestyle blog columbia river gorge sunsetas we rounded another bend, the dark clouds lifted briefly and revealed Mt. Hood. it felt as though we were being welcomed back to the city.

wifestyle blog mount hood in the fog

we are anxiously awaiting for our leasing office to open so we can get our keys and i can see our place for the first time. Ravery came out to Oregon a few weeks back to give a keynote as well as apartment hunted. i have put some serious trust in him for selecting where we will make our home without seeing it and i am super excited to see it.

we are both incredibly excited to have a stationary place to call our own again. the timing of all this has been a little tricky but it is all working out. i cannot believe in 2 days it will be 2014. i still haven’t had time to reflect back on 2013 so you may need to bear with me as i drag out 2013 and goal setting for a few more days into the new year since today and tomorrow i will be reassembling our bed, putting away dishes and laying on the floor trying to hug our new home.

the new wifestyle: don’t take for granted the simple things in life like shelter, stability and safety…they really do matter and not everyone has those.

1) what does stability look like for you?
2) highlights of your 2013?
3) have you started thinking about your goals for 2014?


  1. Heather Hawkins

    December 30, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    1) Nick and Miss Aiden. I cannot rely on any 4 walls. I cannot rely on any documents. I can only rely on my small part in the bigger works at hand and know that my family will always try to be together even under undesirable circumstances.
    2) I would like to forget a good chunk of 2013, but learning some of Aiden’s eczema problems sources helped a lot.
    3) I started thinking about 2014 way before 2013 was half over. 4 years old is a big age to start thinking about school and such. Plus we plan on adding to our family soonish.

  2. Marc Gabris

    December 30, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    Awesome! I’m glad you made it back safely and found ways to appreciate the journey! Those are some beautiful photos.

    1) a job that continually provides income with no end in sight.
    2) going to Disneyland! Getting a job with the CA State. Receiving 3rd in the District Humorous Competition.
    3) I have : )

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