moms are the best.

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moms really are the best (of course dads are pretty excellent too) but right now i’m sitting by my mama while i’m typing this blog out and couldn’t feel happier. we are headed out to spend a mother/daughter day and i’m so excited! yesterday, we had a fun filled day along with my husband and my mother-in-law and knew it would be a good day as we started off eating breakfast at la madeleine. that was the butteriest croissant that has ever crossed me lips. wife blog breakfastafter digesting for a bit, we headed out on some bikes to tool around the neighborhood. it was hot and sweaty but so excellent to spend time with my mom! she’s so good about sneaking in exercise but in a fun way so you don’t realize it. wife blog chelsea avery and mom riding bikes houstonmy in-laws have a wonderful pool so it was perfect to get sweaty and then jump in the pool. my mother-in-law is also the best because she delivered to us a wonderful snack as we were pool side. chicken sandwiches and crisp fruits and veggies. the food never stops here (she’s currently baking her world famous cookies since my mom’s never had them before woohoo!) wife blog pool side snackafter a day in the sun with the moms and my husband, a big thunder and lightening storm rolled in and we sat inside and watched the downpour. i was feeling a little bummed because we were supposed to go out to dinner and sit outside on the lake but you do not mess with texas rain…because it will drown you. literally minutes before we rolled up the restaurant-the rain stopped. thank you mother nature (see, moms are the best). we watched a beautiful pink sunset while enjoying wine, hearing funny stories of when our moms were our age and the funny things we did as children. perfect evening. wife blog chelsea avery dinner in houston with momsof course i have to include a picture of my lovely mother-in-law and the best husband ever after the sun finally set. wife blog ryan avery and momif you live near family, don’t take it for granted because i can tell you how hard it is to be away from your parents (and sister). so my heart feels fuller and i feel so blessed that my husband’s family and my family all get along amazingly because i know that’s not always the case. i am feeling happy so today i shall be grateful for that! the new wifestyle: soak up every minute you can when you have family in town and don’t take for granted the relationships. questions: 1) what did you have for breakfast? 2) what sneaky way do you get exercise in or do you just flat out exercise? 3) do your in-laws and family all get along well?


  1. Leanna

    August 18, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    It was just a year ago that I was drinking wine with you and your moms. What a great time we had!

    • chelsea

      August 19, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      awwww that’s right! we were just reminiscing on that this past weekend and your name came up (about how much fun you are)! hope you are well and thanks for your comment leanna!

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