how to have a texan 4th of july!

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i hope everyone had a grand 4th of july if you are reading from ‘merica! we certainly did! we both stayed up really late the night before getting most of our work done so we could spend the whole day together and really together-not just next to each other on laptops, and it was fabulous. i was actually really excited about spending the 4th of july in texas because their pride of america is quite something so i’ve discovered how to have a texan 4th of july.

how to have a texan 4th of july:  1) spend a chunk of time eating watermelon poolside while listening to country music and laughing together. check. look at this handsome husband i get to spend forever with…

Ryan Avery husband

2) head over to our friend’s house for a BBQ and when i say BBQ i really mean it. you can’t each just have 1 piece of meat…there needs to be A LOT.  look at all the meat on that grill (please note my hot dogs-yay!) check. make sure they are quality friends-that’s part of it! check.

blogs for wives 4th of july meat

the grill masters: ravery and adam (it was actually dina to the right of the picture who was grill master. she knew all about charcoal and i’m so glad she was there-not only because my meat was perfect either).

blog for wives texas bbq

3) look as patriotic as you can (including sunglasses, scarf and fruit arrangements). check. dina made the cutest snack out of blueberries, strawberries and bananas-they formed the american flag (complete with 50 blueberries)!

blogs for wives 4th ofjuly fruit4) play outdoor games in the heat. check. i learned new texan games that were foreign to me before last night! first up: “washers.” it’s kind of like cornhole if you are familiar with that. you are on teams and get 3 washers to try and make into the holes-WAY harder than it looks. i will take this moment to brag that i did make it in (and the farthest hole for 3 points!) during my first 2 turns while it took the texans at least until round 5 to make one in. please keep in mind i was sweating profusely during this entire time. adam and i won because we are the best.

blogs for wives how to be play washersthe next game: “bucket frisbee” you are on teams again and try to throw the frisbee into the bucket with your partner attempting to assist it into the bucket. the rules get a little cloudy because you have to coax the frisbee in without your hands-but i noticed that because i was consistently sweaty…my upper arms did a great job catching it and putting it in. adam and i again are the winners even after double overtime (sorry ravery and dina).

blogs for wives how to play bucket frisbee

5) purchase texas-specific patriotic drink-ware. check.

texas 4th of july

6) eat and drink entirely too much. check. recipe for these almond blackberry and strawberry jam bars here! this is the best batter i’ve ever tasted…and i’ve tasted a lot of batter. it is also delicious once baked as well.

almond blackberry jam bars

7) see fireworks over downtown from a 3 story condo. check. adam’s sister lives in a waaaay awesome condo near downtown and it was a great view of the fireworks! it sure did make me miss living in downtown portland where we used to walk to the fireworks.

blogs for wives 4th of july fireworks houston8) come home to find people blowing stuff right infront of your house. check.

9) stay up until 12:37am because the dogs are defending the homestead by barking at every. single. sound. cheeeeck.

10) wake up early because people are supposed to come over to fix things this morning, instead they don’t show up, go back to sleep and wake up at noon. check!

picture of sleeping dogs

that’s what i discovered about having a texan 4th of july! it was great and i feel so thankful for great friends, good food and laughter. and of course our freedom.

wife lesson: when experiencing a new place, jump in and go with it!

1) do you have any traditions either with your family or you’re community?
2) best thing you ate yesterday?
3) how do you make sure you are making *quality* time for your significant other?


  1. yourlegacyspeaks

    July 5, 2013 at 5:34 pm

    1) We almost always go see the fireworks at a community event. This year Miss Aiden and I walked the neighborhood to the top of the hill to watch from a distance. She does not like LOUD so it worked for us. In addition, we both got needed exercise as we walked the hills in the neighborhood. The bonus was when she wanted to go home because she was tired. Off to sleep. Heaven!
    2) I am on a diet, so I don’t remember. Sad, but true!
    3) When I was dating Dale (really long distance), we spent a lot of time playing Scrabble. We also shared a lot of photographs. He is a park service interpretative ranger so I have more pictures of birds than you can imagine. We are trying to work things out again. Should be interesting!

    • chelsea

      July 7, 2013 at 4:52 pm

      thanks for your comment “yourlegacyspeaks” aka kim 🙂 so happy you found a happy medium to enjoy fireworks without the loud sound AND got in some exercise to that even wore her out! booo diets are no fun and i have a hard time with moderation-hope you got a little something tasty today! that’s exciting that you and dale are trying to work things out again-and i cannot imagine the amount of bird pictures you get-ha! scrabble is one of our favorites too!

  2. Dinah Sherrill

    July 15, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    I’m so glad you are learning the great PRIDE of Texans!! I’ve been grateful for being able to spend the last 2 4th of Julys in Texas! And I always cry during the neighborhood parade!! We go over to my cousins, swim, BBQ, listen to music and just hang!! Thats Texas style!!

    • chelsea

      July 17, 2013 at 9:27 pm

      there is some seeeerious texas pride happening dinah- i wasn’t entirely prepared for it! oh man- i should have scouted out a neighborhood parade-that would have been perfect! sounds like you had a marvelous time!