Business Strategy/Treasure Map Meeting in Progress!

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it’s AveryToday, Inc. business strategy time and who doesn’t love a good strategy? this is one of the companies that my husband and i own and we are essentially putting together a treasure map. it’s helpful to reframe it this way so you don’t get too overwhelmed in thinking about a strategy for your business. instead…how do you get from here to the “X marks the spot” where you want to be.

below is me matching my new favorite snack, which are Annie’s chocolate chip bunnie-grahams (think teddy-grahams but in the shape of bunnies) and our operations manager, Mr. John Hastie! he flew all the way from Pennsylvania just to be here with us! if you’ve worked with us on the North American Tour, then i know for a fact you’ve talked with John and he is responsible for helping us have great success in all of our 50 cities! i also know that he is an incredibly kind, intelligent and funny man who is helping us immensely with our treasure map (see how much more exciting that is?)

averytoday strategy meeting chelsea avery john hastiehere’s my cute husband just working away last night. that purple card is a birthday card from my dad and i am so excited to open it! we also received a notice (the blue slip of paper on the picture above) in our tiny apartment mailbox that there is a package for me (hopefully) in the leasing office but by the time we got done last night they were closed. the anticipation is killing me.

strategy meeting ryan averywhat i so appreciate about my husband is that he always makes space for my dreams, my wants and my needs. we talked a lot yesterday about how important it is for him to continually be changing and trying so many new things all the time. my eyes got wide because that sounds like the opposite of what i try to strive for (consistency and stability, anyone?) he and John fully heard what i was saying and then in turn we are building in stability into that treasure map so that i can feel sane and successful in my own ways.

it’s so important that you find someone that allows your needs, wants, and dreams to be heard in addition to theirs. actually, go beyond just them being ‘heard’ but acknowledged and implemented.

if you don’t feel like you are in this place in your relationship, take the time to create it. chances are you haven’t verbalized this and if you haven’t, your significant other doesn’t know what you are thinking or where you want to be headed. have that conversation.

the new wifestyle: your dreams and ambitions are just as important as your partner’s but you have to have the boldness to communicate them.

1) have you ever thought about owning your business? what would it be about?
2) favorite snack you’ve had lately?
3) how frequent do you and your significant other take time to talk about your dreams and what you want from life?


  1. Heather Hawkins

    January 22, 2014 at 11:12 am

    1) I’m in the middle of writing a book called “the akward girls guide to life.” Its all that little stuff no one ever told you because it “might be embarrassing.”
    2) I have a thing for goat cheese on stuff
    3) We try to do that at least a couple times a week. All we can do is dream big now, so we are biting off chunks at a time. And if we don’t know which person is taking which chunk, its hard to see what you’ve done. (and i have the word chunk. I’m trying to use it often to desensitize myself to it)

    • chelsea

      January 22, 2014 at 5:38 pm

      ohhh my goodness Heather i love the concept of your book!!! if you ever need to bounce awkward occurrences off me…you just let me know! yuuuum now i need goat cheese ASAP. and brie. it makes my heart happy that you talk about your BIG dreams multiple times a week-yay for you both!!! chunky. (only trying to help) thanks for your comment heather!