Pregnancy Update: Month 6

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i am a tad in denial that i am closing out my 6 month of pregnancy. time is flying scarily fast and my end-of-august due date feels like it’s approaching faster than i would care to admit.

we went to the birth center for my 22 week appointment and while we were listening to her heartbeat, which is incredible to hear, my stomach suddenly hardened! the midwife said it was a contraction – so wild! she said my uterus was ‘practicing’ and then i said “oh well if this is all there is to it, i’ll be good!” we all laughed and then looked away because we knew it would be so very far from it but a gal can dream.

currently i’m exactly 26 weeks and bavery is weighing 2lbs and measuring around 14 inches (but probably taller because she has giant parents).



  • started to feel the flutters of her moving around week 20
  • now feeling some seriously stronger (and sometimes freaky) movement
  • we have our nursery pretty well put together (my husband totally went into nesting mode while i was gone)
  • i am traveling to portland tomorrow (for very fun reasons that shall be revealed later annnd my husband is meeting me there in between his trips!)
  • going on our babymoon to hawaii!
  • getting to see my finally showing pregnant sister and family in kansas city! (we voluntarily chose to match, our mom didn’t even make us!) she is 5 weeks behind me.

sister moms!


  • my husband has been traveling weekly and that’s been hard
  • i have been feeling increasing uncomfortable while sitting and walking
  • the 12 hour trip back from hawaii, where i experienced some alarming swelling in my feet (yes, both my husband and i panicked – it was so freaky looking and my legs were solid with fluid!)

lucky for you, i had the foresight to know you wanted the comparison shot and to see me with kankles.

feet swollen pregnancy photos

ps. fun fact about me – those toe rings went on in 8th grade and have never, ever left my toes since. i am nervous that they may need to come off in the third trimester because apparently women get ‘fiona-shrek feet.’


  • while my hair is appearing super full and lush (yay!), it’s because of the increased nutrients to the hair follicles which is making me not lose the normal amount of hair people typically do. this means i don’t actually have more hair growing, rather it’s staying put (and i’ve heard horror stories of being super freaked out after birth because it all falls out rapidly!)
  • baby starts playing with umbilical cord (be caaareful, baby)
  • at week 23, the lungs are developing rapidly and practicing making breathing movements (though of course no air enters until after birth)
  • at week 24, the baby’s face is almost fully formed and she has a full set of eyelashes and eyebrows (but no pigment in hair)
  • at 24 weeks is when a baby has a 50/50 shot of surviving if it came out – crazy!
  • at 25 weeks, bavery’s hands are fully developed and can curl them in fists
  • at 26 weeks, her hand print and foot prints are formed and her eyes are starting to open!


  • around week 23, my blood pressure returned to normal so way less dizzy and less pulsating body – yay!
  • sleep is a coin toss. sometimes it’s decent and sometimes it’s not.
  • lower back pain and pressure is happening more frequently – especially on planes
  • i’m starting to get carpel tunnel in my hands, which is related to pregnancy – so weird!
  • my vision randomly gets blurry and less clear
  • heartburn is starting in and i can’t lay down immediately after eating because blah
  • sometimes i wake up with swollen fingers and panic when i can’t get my wedding rings off


nothing as intense as that horrid first trimester. still don’t want any chinese, indian or japanese food. also, when my husband makes us smoothies, he used to put peanut butter on the spoon and then serve it. peanut butter on the spoon completely grosses me out now and i definitely overreacted when presented with it recently.


i am all about graham crackers and teddy grahams this month. i crave that taste (and have 6 little teddies next to me, waiting to be devoured). still not fully lactose tolerant but i think it’s improving a bit so i’ll take it.

i can’t get enough nacho cheese doritos, still.

i am doing better with sugar cravings because i am afraid of gestational diabetes (i get tested in 2 weeks) and also the fact that sugar tends to make your baby bigger. let’s all remember that my husband was a 12 pound baby so i have chilled out (somewhat) and am eating lots of fruit.



last month i talked about having some anxiety anticipating when the strong and forceful kicks and punches start. i am feeling that now and they started around week 24ish for me. last night they were so strong that i did get freaked out and called my husband almost in tears. it’s so strange and foreign and there is nothing i can do to stop them, which freaks me out. yes yes, i know it’s much better she be moving all over the place but still – something is moving inside of my body.

it’s been fun for ravery to feel and see her move around. i was big-spooning him the other night and she totally kicked him in the back. he freaked. hilarious!

apparently weeks 24-28 are when you can feel the baby the best. she is strong enough to really let you have it and she’s not so big yet that she still has space to tumble around. she’s totally going to be an olympian (#dreambig but only if that is what she really wants).6 months pregnant the new wifestyle

you can tell by my face that by week 24, it really started to hit me. that’s when it fully started sinking in that “i’m pregnant and something is moving inside me!” freaky-deaky.


hiking is still my go-to but i have actually been able to workout more this month so yay! i have gone on a few run/jog/walks and even though it’s sort of horrible and i almost pee every time my foot hits the pavement – the endorphins released afterwards are totally worth it!

i also use the free ‘nike training club’ app to get in 30-45 minute workouts at least twice a week. i adapt certain moves when they are like “lay on your stomach and lift 8 pounds while balancing on this ball.”

i know it will get harder as i get bigger so i am trying to do more now!


  • sleeping flat on my back (you aren’t supposed to lay completely flat for too long because it can compress a major vein in your back. i can actually feel my blood pumping harder when i do)! i have been putting a little wedge to prop me up but i miss the freedom of sleep positions
  • a full glass of malbec
  • moscow mules
  • margaritas
  • fine, all booze in full quanitities


  • passing my gestational diabetes test with flying colors (you have to put it out there and i need this so i’m able to deliver at the birth center)
  • portland!
  • visiting my in-laws on the beach next month!


  1. Elyse

    May 25, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Love the comparison bellies with your sister! Time is sure flying and Bavery will be here in no time!
    Elyse recently posted…Me Before You: Book Versus Movie

    • chelsea

      May 25, 2016 at 8:41 am

      it was so funny to compare pregnancies because they are VASTLY different – thinking of doing a blog post about it because it’s just too funny and extreme. it was fun to get to see her belly finally pop (she was still wearing her normal pants until like 4 days before that photo). i’ve been in maternity pants since like week 10!

  2. Audrey

    May 25, 2016 at 8:11 am

    You are seriously the cutest pregnant person. Is it weird that I also want all your cravings and I’m definitely not pregnant…? Like, give my allll the nacho cheese doritos. Seriously.
    Can’t wait to hear about Portland!
    Audrey recently posted…High School Reflections

    • chelsea

      May 25, 2016 at 8:43 am

      thank you for the confidence boost audrey 🙂 somedays i feel cuter than others but i also know this time is when my belly will be at the ‘cute’ stage and then i’m going to just get HUGE. i’m trying to enjoy that now.

      i feel you with the non-pregnancy cravings. my husband and i always laughed about how much more intense my cravings could get because i crave so many things when i’m not pregnant. i’d share my doritos but i just finished the bag so…
      chelsea recently posted…Pregnancy Update: Month 6

  3. Paige

    May 25, 2016 at 8:37 am

    I love the ankle shot…bodies are amazing and freaky and wonderful!

    A friend of mine found the only way should get the baby to stop (frequent and violent) kicking was a long hot bath. In a pinch a heating pad helped. Of course, she was pregnant in the dead of winter, so the bath was bonus.

    Can’t wait for another update!

    • chelsea

      May 25, 2016 at 8:44 am

      oh how right you are about bodies being amazing and freaky and wonderful paige! thanks for the sharing the tip of a hot bath – perhaps i will try that next time i get too freaked out (plus it would calm me) thank you!
      chelsea recently posted…Pregnancy Update: Month 6

  4. Lindsay

    May 25, 2016 at 8:51 am

    You look fantastic! And so happy. 🙂 THOSE ANKLES THO. You and your sister are so cute, I love your matching bumps!!
    Lindsay recently posted…So What’s New With You?

    • chelsea

      May 25, 2016 at 9:22 am

      haha seriously my ankles were so freaky feeling! there felt like tree stumps and not jiggly flesh. super weird.

      ps. we are coming to dallas for thanksgiving so i’m texting you so we can (finally) drink margaritas!
      chelsea recently posted…Pregnancy Update: Month 6

  5. Leti Fowler

    May 25, 2016 at 10:00 am

    This post made me happy and a little scared! My husband and I have been trying to get preggo for the last 9 months and are super excited!! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful and some of the little freaky details about pregnancy!

    • chelsea

      May 25, 2016 at 5:43 pm

      haha hopefully not too scared leti 🙂 it is pretty bizarre what our bodies can too and every single woman i’ve talked to experiences it differently! sending good fertility thoughts your way – that’s exciting that it’s on the horizon! thank you for your comment!
      chelsea recently posted…Pregnancy Update: Month 6

  6. Jennifer Haston

    May 25, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Chelsea, Thanks for your always enlightening posts! It’s kind of cool knowing what’s coming… You are due end of August, I am due end of September- I am on Week 22 now and while i have seen her move, I can’t feel it.. I know I need to be patient because any day now I will be wistfully wishing for this time back.. “why was I in such a hurry to have her move?” but at this point, it’s “supposed” to be noticeable.. but since when have I been normal or “within acceptable parameters” um.. never.. so why would our daughter be any different.. I guess I am feeling grateful that I didn’t have morning sickness but the tired was VERY REAL.. Anyway, it’s good to know that no one has a cookie cutter experience.. ever!

    • chelsea

      May 25, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      glad i can give you a glimpse into what’s to come (although as you said – everyone is so very different so no cookie cutter experiences for us)! i know what you mean about waiting and waiting to feel that little one move and truly i thought it was my stomach gurgling or gas for a solid few weeks before they got slightly stronger and i realized it was her! i know you’ll feel her soon!

  7. Kristen Negrotti

    May 26, 2016 at 1:07 am

    I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who thinks the idea of something moving independently inside of me that I have no control over isn’t a beautiful, great feeling. I know people who are sad they can’t feel more movement and I’m like WHAT are you talking about. That said I’ve never been pregnant so maybe I’ll do a total reversal and love it, but it’s always been one of the things about pregnancy that freaked me out.

    You and your sister are so cute. I’d love to hear about how your experiences have differed!

    • chelsea

      May 26, 2016 at 11:18 am

      hah i feel you kristen!! don’t get me wrong – i have found it to also be a positive and profoundly awe-striking experience to feel her move in me but sometimes it does feel like “enough already! let me be in control of my body! ahhhhh!” you aren’t alone – it freaks me out too!

      okay i’ll have to work on a blog post comparing and contrasting our pregnancies because at this point – i can only laugh!
      chelsea recently posted…Pregnancy Update: Month 6

  8. Emily

    May 26, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    You’re amazing and I cannot wait!!!!!!

  9. Arline

    May 27, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Oh I’m so happy for you! thank you for sharing, I love hearing about your journey! You look beautiful 🙂

    • chelsea

      May 30, 2016 at 12:08 am

      awww thanks arline! it’s been a wild ridddde, that’s for sure! xox

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