Join Me for 7 Days of #GratefulLove Tomorow!

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happy sunday! i hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

remember my how i ruined christmas once by rushing into it and not really caring about thanksgiving? this year i want to be intentional about the week of thanksgiving, since we spend the entire month of december celebrating christmas/hanukkah (ps. aren’t there like 9 ways to spell chanukah?)

Join Me for #GratefulLovei’d like to invite you to join me for #GratefulLove, sharing aspects of how you’re grateful for your love and relationship. this ‘photo challenge’ is best done through instagram and facebook since i love me some photos but would also work on twitter or leaving a comment on the blog describing said day!

i’ve created a simple prompt for each day and will be sharing it on here as well my social media sites. my intention is for us to focus on the positive things, particularly in our relationship this week instead of the things that can sometimes drive us crazy.

#GratefulLove the new wifestyle photo challenge

for each photo you post, be sure to hashtag #GratefulLove so we can all rally around each other’s love and maybe even meet some new friends via social media. i will be showing lots of love on your photos and posts so you are warned!

november 24: holding hands
let’s kick it off with a good ol’ fashioned hand-holding session. share a photo of the two of you holding hands and share the memory of the first time your hands intertwined!

november 25: your favorite spot
most of us have a favorite spot in our home or in the world where our life and our love just feels right. maybe it’s snuggled by the fire, your kitchen table or by the lake where you both want to build a cabin one day. share it with us!

november 26: advice
share a piece of marriage/relationship advice that has been beneficial in your life. share with others one thing that really works! take a screen shot of the written advice and post it or a representative image and hopefully your advice can help others.

november 27: thanksgiving
of course we want to see a spread of the delicious food you’re eating but also share the top three things you are most grateful for today in the description of your photo.

november 28: best thing about your partner
whether it’s a physical characteristic and/or a personality trait, share you favorite thing about your partner!

november 29: best thing about yourself
don’t be shy! you bring so much to your relationship and the world so share your favorite physical characteristic and/or personality trait about yourself.

november 30: the kiss!
let’s seal the deal with a kiss! share a photo of you and your partner smooching. remember that it’s our choice to focus on the positives vs. the negatives in our partner/self/relationship/life so be grateful for the love you have.

how does this work?

either save the image above or like it on instagram so you have a reminder of the prompts. i’ll put it on the sidebar of the website too. use the prompts to get creative. take photos, upload them to instagram/facebook/social media and be sure to tag them with #GratefulLove! i will be doing this and my husband is on board too!

what if I miss a day?
no biggie…just play catch up when you can but since it’s only a week hopefully you can get one out each day but don’t stress.

can i post the challenge graphic on my instagram/facebook/social media?
absolutely! that’s probably a wise thing to do, because then you’ll have it to refer back to and also hopefully get your friends on board to be grateful for their love!


feel free to share with friends or family too. the more the merrier because we can all take a few minutes to be grateful for what we have in life.

stay tuned tomorrow for this to start AND for a chance to win some cash money in your pocket for this holiday season!

yay i’m so excited for #GratefulLove to start tomorrow and maybe eat a whole pumpkin pie later in the week (followed by a potential cleansing of the body before christmas starts). happy rest of your weekend!


  1. Devra

    November 24, 2014 at 6:28 am

    The holidays are such a good reminder to be intentional and grateful, but it’s also easy to be lured in to the hubbub and be more concerned with pinterest perfect decor, delicious side dishes, and holiday activities than you are with cherishing the season around you.
    Thanks for this challenge to help us embrace the meaning of season.
    Devra recently posted…And… We’re Back!

    • chelsea

      November 24, 2014 at 7:53 am

      it’s SO easy with all those magical decorations and delicious food to often forget the deeper meaning of reflections-you are so right devra! thanks for your comment and i’m glad you’re participating in the challenge, i think it will be a more love filled week!

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