Elmo Birthday Party – Atlas Turns Two!

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Elmo Birthday Party

gone are the days when i could throw a harry potter themed birthday party for my child. since those sesame street marketers are good, atlas had to have an elmo birthday party! there are worst things though because elmo is cute and i’m not yet annoyed by his weird voice.

the great thing about having an elmo birthday party – it’s relatively easy to find decor.

it also helps when your husband is super creative. his current creative outlets include cake decorating and chalk drawing?

ravery set out drawing the sesame street characters in the morning.

elmo birthday party

i truly had no idea he was such a chalk artist. it’s equal parts annoying and arousing.

elmo birthday party

elmo birthday party

it was actually sort of tricky to find a good variation of chalk that included brown and black but i eventually found this one. i found him this chalk marker that worked well for small details. yes, i’m adding ‘chalk expert’ to my linkedin profile as we speak.

other than the chalk drawings, we set everything up during atlas’ nap. can you imagine how magical it would be to wake up and your whole house is covered in your favorite character?!

elmo birthday party

my mother-in-law saved that sesame street sheet from my husband’s childhood! she brought it over a few months ago and i figured, ‘hey let’s put it on the dining room table!’ if you look closely, there is no elmo to be found. we simply tell atlas he wasn’t born when these pictures were taken. it’s fine.

of course atlas decided to take a three-hour nap, leading into her birthday party. i had to eventually wake her up because apparently people want to see the kid when they come to the kid’s birthday party?

she was initially shy because #napmode and only wanted me to hold her (fine, okay)! watching her eyes when they saw all the decorations around the house is what fuels parenting.elmo birthday party for two year old IMG_7636

if it looks like all four of us are looking at four different cameras, that is indeed true.

my sister made her the cutest shirt and completed the outfit with such a fun skirt! since my sister is due to have a baby literally any day, she couldn’t be there (missed you sister)!

she included purple pants as another option because colorado weather changes its mind frequently. if you couldn’t tell, atlas’ current favorite color is purple.

atlas’ eyes immediately found the badass cake ravery made her, as well as the cookie monster cupcakes! they both turned out so so good! i’m highly impressed with my husband’s hidden talents. i mean, that elmo birthday cake?!

elmo birthday party for two year old IMG_7636

she had practiced blowing out candles with my mom and stepdad the night before and boy did it pay off. she totally blew them out halfway through the ‘happy birthday’ song – ha! she tore through presents like her life depended on it.

elmo birthday party

one stand out present was from my nana and papa – an owl! they saw how much she adored the owl at our ‘birds of prey‘ summer party and acted accordingly. she named it “mr. hawk” that evening, while cracking a smirk.

elmo birthday party

elmo birthday party

when thinking about what to get her for her second birthday, i thought long and hard about what atlas currently likes.

you know what she likes? troll band-aids. she gets to put one on per day. she also loves taking my chapstick and has been using my hair ties as bracelets since she was 13 months old. she also needed a new toothbrush and some underwear (the ultimate embarrassing gift from a parent). check check CHECK.

all of this cost about $10 so the lesson here is…meet your kids where they’re at. yes, the party cost more but it’s still sort of a party for the village of people that love and care for our girl.

you can definitely go way way over the top with an elmo birthday party theme (obviously). my advice is to pick a few things that you really like, then color coordinate the rest.

we used this birthday sign, these hanging decorations and these goodie bags.

elmo birthday party

i’ll save the sappy letter i wrote to her on her second birthday for another post. happy birthday to our clever girl, atlas! you certainly have been our greatest adventure! now let’s get you covered in those troll band-aids and chapstick.


  1. Audrey

    September 5, 2018 at 11:40 am

    I’d like to hire you and Mr. WS to come to Ohio and plan all my future parties. Like, OK what ISN’T he good at? Honestly! You guys throw the best parties! And all her gifts are so thoughtful! I love that you guys and your family really pay attention to what she’s loving right now. Elmo, chapstick, Moana, owls 🙂 It makes those gifts so loved!! Your sister’s shirt for Atlas is AWESOME, too. Bring her along to make me some clothes when y’all come plan my next party 😉

    • chelsea

      September 18, 2018 at 1:47 pm

      he’s not good at spelling. at all. hahah i always have to remind myself of this – HA! we can’t wait to come to your next party – my sister will probably be bringing her newborn (whenever it pops out) but her t-shirt making skills are totally worth it. haha

  2. Courtney {Alkeks Abroad}

    September 19, 2018 at 4:53 am

    I’m a bit late reading this, but I loved it! If only our girls could have had a joint Elmo birthday party!
    Courtney {Alkeks Abroad} recently posted…Father’s Day 2018

  3. Elyse

    September 24, 2018 at 9:53 am

    This is seriously the cutest! Atlas is such a lucky girl to have SO many thoughtful and talented people in her life.