happy thursday from sisters at folly beach!

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blogging from my phone so please excuse formatting, typos and brevity because the beach is calling to me!

we have made it to beautiful folly beach, which is on the coast of south carolina. the view from the beach house (also where my sister kendal will be having her wedding reception) is unreal.
i know…crazy right?! it exactly where i’m sitting to type this.

she is basically the best wedding planner ever and not only picked out a great location but has the cutest things in store to celebrate their big day!

there is a 1,000 foot pier off the backyard that goes over the low country aka swamp and it’s too cool!

ravery and i walked all the way down it last night and i basically ran back after he wondered aloud if alligators could get up on the low deck. in my mind-they can and could smell the cookies i ate earlier.

we have been crafting to get everything ready for the wedding (did you know margaritas fuel this beautifully?! they do.) my sister has some fabulous bridesmaids so we have been having nonstop fun! (this is her friend ashley and she’s getting married in alaska in august!)


in between crafting has been beach time. yes we are really sisters even though she is like 7x tanner than i am.


yesterday’s waves and wind got a litttttle crazy. i kid you not…after i took a shower and bent my head down, ocean water poured from my nose. classy right? the wind was also not messing around and blowing the sand hard. this is my towel after laying on it for 10 minutes.


worth it. now we get to squeeze in a boat ride and then it’s bachelorette day for my sister!! follow us on instagram (@the_new_wifestyle) for the latest shenanigans!

happy thursday!