Happy Father’s Day (and to the new father in my family)!

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happy father’s day to all the wonderful dads, stepdads, grandpas and father-in-laws and father-figures in our lives!

first, a shoutout to my wonderful dad who has taught me to have a sense of humor and wit, to give back and to be a genuine and kind person (to name a few). while he can be a worrier sometimes, he always supports my adventures, travels and crazy ideas. he always steps in when i need him to (like cutting off my earrings before a MRI in the doctor’s office or hypothetically attaching fireworks to action figures and naming them after boys that broke my heart). i am thankful for such a kind and generous man to call my dad-love you!

Chelsea Avery with dadshout out to my grandpa- who taught me loyalty, hard work and generosity (to name only a few). i also adore the way he calls me “turner” every time i call him or see him-makes me smile wide!

IMG_4590shout out to my stepdad, who taught me expand my tastebud horizons, appreciate being on the water and small things go a long way (to name only a few)

engagement party chelsea avery with momshout out to my father-in-law, who has taught me about running a business, helped to raise a remarkable son and how to expand what you want in life (and always has room for a donut-like me!)

IMG_5784lastly, shout out to my husband….who is now a doggy-daddy BECAUSE WE OFFICIALLY ADOPTED A DOG!

ryan avery and sugar relationship blogit’s big news ’round these parts- we love her and she’s happy and she traveled like a champ for 13 hours from florida to oregon on friday night. i also know that i am going to be a psycho mom one day because i am already constantly worried about this dog’s happiness, her future and if she’s chewing on electrical cords when i can’t see her.

relationship blog dog rescue sugarhappy father’s day to all those wonderful men that have loved their children, been there for them, showed them unwavering support and guidance. i feel lucky to have an abundance of men in my life who love and support me.

my hearts and thoughts are with those who have lost their fathers, especially on this day. my heart also aches for those who ended up with less-than-great dads too…you are loved.

hope everyone is having a great sunday!

ps. if you live in portland and want to love on this puppy (or potentially pet sit)….you just let me know! she’s actually 3 years old and truly sweeter than sugar….hence the name “sugar!”