Empowering Pregnancy and Birth Affirmations

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the mind is our most powerful tool. i didn’t always believe this but after changing my mindset, my life has truly been better. enter empowering pregnancy and birth affirmations! if we seek out the negative and bad in the world, that is exactly what we find. the flip side is that when we seek out the positive and look for the good, that will show up at in increased frequency.

empowering birth affirmations

i want to share some of the positive pregnancy and birth affirmations i used that i believe helped me have the healthy pregnancy and birth i desired.

i wrote these out on notecards and taped them next to my bed. i was sure to look at them every morning i got up and before i went to bed.

  • i have all the tools i need
  • i am a powerful woman!
  • i am capable
  • i am strong
  • my baby is growing exactly as she should be right now
  • i am healthy and developing my baby perfectly
  • i instinctively know and crave the right foods to feed myself and my baby well
  • i will have the birth experience i need to have
  • my body knows exactly what to do
  • my baby knows exactly what to do
  • i deserve a comfortable, easy, uncomplicated birth
  • my body was designed perfectly for pregnancy and birthing
  • i believe in my ability to give birth with ease, comfort and safety
  • i have a choice in what i think, feel and do
  • birth is a natural, normal process
  • i am an active participant in my pregnancy and birth
  • birth is empowering
  • i gain confidence through my birthing experience
  • i trust my body
  • it is up to me to set the tone and mood of my birth
  • i can do hard things
  •  i am prepared
  • birth will never get bigger than i can handle
  • both me and my baby are safe
  • i gained confidence through my birthing experience
  • during my birthing time, i see my body as soft, relaxing and open
  • every pressure wave brings me closer to meeting our daughter
  • it is better to keep our sense alive if we are to experience the true wisdom and power that birth has to offer (taken from ‘ina may’s guide to childbirth‘)

what other ones would you add to this?



  1. Elyse@JustMurrayed

    September 28, 2016 at 10:09 am

    Love these affirmations, Chelsea! Gonna pin this for the future!
    Elyse@JustMurrayed recently posted…Food Memories

  2. Audrey

    September 28, 2016 at 10:26 am

    You have such a strong mentality, Chelsea. And your coping mechanisms are so thought out and powerful. I’m sure it was super helpful to read they words during your pregnancy and post-birth. And getting yourself in the habit of positive self-talk was a great idea for the birthing process!
    Audrey recently posted…IMUO (in my unpopular opinion)…

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