Dive Deeper is the workshop for committed couples who want to boost intimacy, unlock new ways of communicating and feel more connected than ever before.

Join Chelsea & Ryan Avery for the interactive, transformative

full-day marriage workshop on September 8, 2018

The Four Seasons in Denver, Colorado

The Workshop


The Individual

Self-aware individuals make better partners. Grasp deeper understanding of your own wants, needs and worldview. Discover how to focus on your strengths and what qualities your relationship relies on you to bring to it.


The Couple

Two individuals make up the couple. Yet, 'the couple' often becomes this third identity. Learn strategies for better communication, how your spouse receives love and unique ways to strengthen your relationship, together.

The Future

Fulfilling and lasting relationships don't happen by chance, it is by making conscious choices. Get clear on goal setting and designing your best life, together.

What types of couples are a good fit for Dive Deeper?

The workshop is interactive with activities, exercises and discussions - all with the intent to enhance the connection between the two of you!


Couples who both agree to wanting to enhance their relationship together


Couples who are excited about learning new things to create a more fulfilling, fun and lasting marriage together


Couples who have the unique dynamic of one or both being entrepreneurial


Couples who feel as though your relationship is in a good place, with areas for growth



Chelsea Turner Avery

Chelsea is an anxious world traveler and recovering pessimist. She received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Portland State (yes, Portlandia is accurate). Chelsea is the founder of The New Wifestyle, international speaker and writer.

She's the realist.

She's the logistical thinker.

She's the feeler of all feels.

Ryan Avery

Ryan is a thoroughbred optimist and Texan. He's also the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history. He has been known to spend more nights in a hotel than in his own bed. He has keynoted in more than 30 countries and has written three books.

He's the motivator.

He's the big dreamer.

He's the challenger (but he's nice about it).

For the past six years, Chelsea and Ryan have been running their own communication consulting firm together. They decided to add a kid to the mix two years ago, ya know, to spice things up!

They bring a rare and unique combination to their workshops, both coming from non-profit backgrounds before becoming entrepreneurs.

They are both incredibly passionate about researching and developing ways for people, especially couples, to take their communication and lives to the next level! They have surveyed more than 1,300 married people to find common and destructive communication issues and develop strategies to combat those issues.

They have delivered their workshops and keynotes from Kenya to New Zealand and all across North America. They are excited to host this event together in their hometown of Denver, Colorado, USA!

What People Are Saying

"We left inspired and with many takeaways that we are able to apply to our daily lives!

Ryan and Chelsea spoke from a place of honesty, and were quite open about their own flaws and challenges, which opened the floor to very honest discussions."

The Connors

Vancouver, Canada

"We participated in the couples' workshop that Chelsea and Ryan Avery ran and it is great!

Their content was interesting and very useful (we still use one of their communication tools every day). They are open, engaging, inspiring and authentic, which makes their delivery both very enjoyable and effective.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Chelsea to anyone who wants to improve their communication & relationships!"

Anna & Stuart

Auckland, New Zealand

"As one of the highest rated speaking events we have had, EO Kenya truly enjoyed having Chelsea and Ryan Avery speak to us and fully recommend them to any other EO chapter around the world!”

Entrepreneurs' Organization Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya


$799 per couple and includes:

  • (2) Two tickets to Dive Deeper for yourself

and your spouse/partner

  • All materials
  • Lunch at the award-winning restaurant, EDGE
  • Workshop runs 9am - 4pm,

Saturday September 8, 2018

By intention, this full-day, intimate workshop is limited to 10 couples so reserve your spot now

More Details

(for the high-attention-to-detail spouse)

What does this price include?

  • Full access for both yourself and your spouse to attend Dive Deeper
  • All printed materials
  • Scrumptious lunch at the award winning EDGE restaurant

What is NOT included with the price?

  • Does NOT include overnight accommodations, flight, and transportation in Denver, CO

What is the address of the venue?

Four Seasons Hotel Denver

1111 14th Street

Denver, Colorado 80202 U.S.A.

+1 (303)-389-3000

Denver International Airport is the best airport to arrive to

Are there cool things to do after Dive Deeper if we make a weekend out of it?

You bet! Check out the links below!

Who is this NOT a good fit for Dive Deeper?

  • Couples who have to force the other to attend
  • People who are stuck in their ways and not open to new ways of thinking or doing
  • Couples who may benefit more from private couples counseling to deal with more intense issues like infidelity, a recent loss or considering divorce  

Why are Chelsea and Ryan Avery leading this workshop?

From Ryan losing his job the day after their wedding and Chelsea's anxiety peaking while working in the social work field, the financial and emotional strain from the beginning of their marriage was intense. Like many of us, they wanted their relationship to be fun, fulfilling and meaningful but of course, life can’t always be donuts and vacation.

There are real hardships, real emotions and real stress that threaten to take over. Chelsea and Ryan have found after 11 years of being together, experiencing the highs and lows of life, open communication is essential for having the fulfilling and lasting relationship most of us crave.

Chelsea and Ryan created their thriving business and fulfilling relationship, implementing simple strategies gathered from research, experience, and interviewing couples all over the world. They have also attended their own fair share of couple's counseling and recommend it to ALL couples!

Dive Deeper is not a replacement for seeking professional counseling. Rather, it's the experiential workshop created to connect couples with deeper understanding of themselves and each other.

Have another question? Contact us!

chelsea @ averytoday.com

ryan @ averytoday.com

Again, we are limiting the size of this workshop to 10 couples so register now to get your spot!

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