guest posts

thank you for your interesting in contributing to the new wifestyle! one core believe is that we should be lifting each other up and empowering other women so i’d love to feature you on here!

guest posts should be authentic, original and offer insight somehow relating to women and marriage. this obviously includes a massive range of topics so get creative with it!

i’m currently looking to add more wifestyle profiles featuring authentic women and insight into their relationship (see past posts).

okay, so are you excited to share your thoughts with the world!?! excellent-review the steps below!

want to write a guest post for the new wifestyle?

1) read the guest post guidelines down below

2) email at chelsea [at] thenewwifestyle [dot]com

  • put “guest post” in the subject line and if you have a month preference for it to go live

3) i will get in touch with you and send you some guiding questions to help with your post!


1) the post must be original work

  • the post may not be published anywhere else previously or in the future unless we discuss it
  • the day the guest post is revealed, please put a small, juicy sample of it on your blog directing your readers where they can read the rest of it and on social media

2) be you. people relate to and appreciate genuine thoughts and feelings. obviously only share what you feel comfortable with but share honest, humorous and authentic content.

3) make post scannable

  • break paragraphs by having 3-5 sentences per paragraph
  • use bold, underline and italics type to point out important things
  • use bullet points and numbered lists where needed
  • please capitalize your letters and ignore chelsea’s style using only lowercase

4) posts can be 500- 1200 words.

5) please include at least one picture with your post (original pictures are best). feel free to include more because pictures add to the content and we want to see you!

6) include a small bio about yourself that will go right before your guest post. this will include a link back to you. please include a stellar photo of yourself or your blog’s logo.

7) please share a small excerpt of your post on your blog the day it goes live, with a link back to your post on the new wifestyle. let your network and social media know about great things you have to say!

8) make sure you submit your post to chelsea in a timely manner because guest posts are often scheduled in advance.

9) leave the readers with 1-3 questions to answer relating to your post.

*please note this does not guarantee your topic or post being approved as it needs to be an appropriate fit with the new wifestyle